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First Blood DOTA 2 Tournament cutting into June

SkyRaker on 2013-04-11

DotaBeyond's First Blood Tournament!



DotaBeyond are hosting their very first tournament which will be played over two consecutive weekends,  1 - 2 June and 8 - 9 June. The online tournament will feature promising teams including SINGAPORE First Departure and PHILIPPINES TnC Gaming and will be open to all South-East Asia teams and be played on the Singapore Servers. 


For prizes, the Champions will win 30 Treasure Keys, 1st runners-up will win 20 Treasure Keys while the 3rd place team will win 10 Treasure Keys. However, this prize pool is likely to improve as the organizers are looking to get more sponsors and ensure that everyone gets to watch a fantastic game. 


We had an exclusive interview with the Co-Founder of DotaBeyond. 


So what made DotaBeyond suddenly decide to host their first DOTA 2 tournament?

We, at DotaBeyond, sat down thinking about what more could we do to help our fans and the DOTA 2 community to grow and entertain the world. For awhile we have been casting tournaments and etc... but we never directly contributed to the DOTA 2 society until now. We came up with the tournament idea because lately there has been a lot of new tournaments coming up such as the AMD Premier League, The Rampage and etc... We decided, why not we give it a shot and hope to get as many teams to join, just to meet each other and expand the bonds between players and more. We, at DotaBeyond, are hosting this tournament for you to experience the joy of playing competitively yet still maintaining the original purpose of all games, having fun and be entertained for both players and viewers. - Steven Yong, Co-Founder of DotaBeyond


Tournament Schedule

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Check-in – Starts 12.00 SGT. Check-in ends 15.00 SGT. Check in via Raidcall
Brackets will be released at 15.30 SGT. 
Round 1 – Starts 16.00 SGT. Games must start before 16.15 SGT.
Round 2 – Starts 17.00 SGT. Games must start before 17.15 SGT.

Sunday. 2 June 2013
Round 3 – Starts 16.00 SGT. Games must start before 16.15 SGT.
Round 4 – Starts 17.00 SGT. Games must start before 17.15 SGT.

Saturday. 8 June 2013
Quarterfinals, best-of-3. Starts 16.00 SGT. Games must start before 16.15 SGT.
Quarterfinals, best-of-3. Starts 17.00 SGT. Games must start before 17.15 SGT.

Sunday. 9 June 2013
Semi-Finals, best-of-3. Starts 15.00 SGT. Games must start before 15.15 SGT.
Third place decider – Best-of-3. Starts 17.30 SGT. Game must start before 17.45 SGT.
Final – Best-of-5. Starts 20.00 SGT. Game must start before 20.15 SGT.


More details can be found at their forum.


Registration link can be found here.


Also do like their Facebook Fan Page for the latest announcements regarding the tournament.


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