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Orange.NeoES crushes LGD.Int to take GEST The Challenge title

Hamodi on 2013-03-20

Orange.NeoES crushes to take GEST The Challenge title



MALAYSIAOrange.NeoES took out INTERNATIONALLGD.Int in spectacular fashion, crushing them 3-0 in a closely-fought Grand Final to win the GEST The Challenge championship title and $1,000 in cash. Having previously defeated INTERNATIONALLGD.Int 2-0 earlier in the playoffs, this win established them as the premier South-East Asian team after they steam-rolled MALAYSIAMUFC and INTERNATIONALLGD.Int in the tournament.






This was a game where INTERNATIONALLGD.Int had the better line-up, getting the chance to pick-up Magnus, Lifestealer and Lone Druid. INTERNATIONALLGD.Int has proven that they are simply very good at taking down towers, taking down all of their opponent’s outer towers in just 17 minutes and taking their first set of barracks just 22 minutes into the game. MALAYSIAMUFC, on the other hand, could not find a way to take down even one tower. INTERNATIONALLGD.Int would later on take down a second barracks and eventually won easily.




Game 2 started out in favour of MALAYSIAMUFC with INTERNATIONALLGD.Int's supports getting caught in the Radiant jungle giving MALAYSIAMUFC the advantage in experience and gold. Enigma was also getting solo kills off Magnus at top and Nyx Assassin had a good start in mid lane holding off Lifestealer's farm.


The two minute long team clash at the 12 minute mark was won by MALAYSIAMUFC as they were able to pick off some of INTERNATIONALLGD.Int's heroes, forcing them to buyback and then killing them again.


INTERNATIONALLGD.Int was slowly getting back into the game, after about 20 minutes, utilizing the power of their line-up and getting hero kills as well as taking down towers. They would later attempt to take down the middle barracks leading to a huge team fight that saw a great Mana Void and later a huge Blackhole by FzFz, to hold off INTERNATIONALLGD.Int to buy MALAYSIAMUFC more time.


A bait by Lifestealer infesting a creep to try and catch Anti-Mage off-guard backfired and he had to buyback to prevent a Roshan Attempt by MALAYSIAMUFC. They would later get a revenge kill by landing a 3 man Reverse Polarity. MALAYSIAMUFC was forced to buyback as well to prevent an attempy by INTERNATIONALLGD.Int to take fown their barracks.


The split-push by Anti-Mage was a complete nuisance, taking down the third top tower as well as chip away at the melee barracks. The game was eventually won on a split-push by MALAYSIAMUFC.




INTERNATIONALLGD.Int once again got the chance to pick-up Magnus, Lifestealer and Lone Druid but unfortunately for them, the early stages of the game was difficult for them because their supports were extremely experience dependent. MALAYSIAMUFC was able to take advantage of the situation especially during the early laning stage and managed to farm up their necessary items.


However, INTERNATIONALLGD.Int slowly got back into the game by farming core items of their own, especially Lone Druid who started demolishing anyone who got entangled. After winning a huge clash at the 24 minute mark when MALAYSIAMUFC over-committed on a Jakiro kill which bit them in the end, INTERNATIONALLGD.Int would take the Aegis which shifted the momentum in their favour.


INTERNATIONALLGD.Int decided to push the bottom lane and try to take down the first barracks in the game. With Lion using blink dagger to catch Dark Seer by surprise, this turned out to be the deciding factor in the game as MALAYSIAMUFC could not defend without Dark Seer's Wall of Replica and Vacuum. INTERNATIONALLGD.Int would eventually finish the game in 27 minutes and advanced to the Grand Final.





MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs came into the Grand Final with a one game advantage over INTERNATIONALLGD.Int, which meant that they only needed to win two games for them to be victorious. INTERNATIONALLGD.Int, on the other hand, had to bring their A game and needed to win 3 games to defeat MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs and take home the $1,000 cash prize.


MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs picking-up the forgotten Mirana hoping to catch INTERNATIONALLGD.Int by surprise, while INTERNATIONALLGD.Int went with a clash-oriented line-up. The game started out with both teams just looking to farm and did not see any aggressive play. The first action of note in the game came at the 5 minute mark where the tri-lane at top would get first blood on Clockwerk which later saw MALAYSIAOrange.Neo.ES taking down the first tower. Leviathan would also get a kill of his own against Magnus in the mid lane while that was unfolding.


With MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs getting the early momentum, they went on to take down the first bottom tower by winning a huge team fight, killing 4 InternationalLGD.Int heroes in exchange for 3.


MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs would continue to win more team fights even without Lone Druid. However, Lone Druid was not farming as well as he was supposed to. Mushi got his Godlike status at the 24 minute mark after winning yet another team fight, killing 4 heroes in exchange for 1 and MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs went on to take down the second bottom tower.



In what proved to be a very one sided game, there was just no way for INTERNATIONALLGD.Int to mount a comeback and MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs would win the game in just 30 minutes.




INTERNATIONALLGD.Int put constant pressure on Mushi's Morphling preventing him from getting decent farm and even managed to get a kill off him. With Tinker leaving the top lane, INTERNATIONALLGD.Int decided to try and take down the first top tower. MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs however, was fast to react, defended it well and managed to deny the tower with Magnus getting a double kill on top of that.


MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs was a bit more passive, playing it safe as they knew that there wass a roaming Clinkz with an Orchid of Malevolence. They did however manage to kill him a few times which gave them a little bit of gold and slowed Clinkz from getting his Black King Bar.


While Luna Moonfang farming-up well and able to get an early Black King Bar and Butterfly in just 24 minutes, Morphling only managed to get an Ethereal Blade. MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs were however, slowly getting back into the game, winning small skirmishes and taking down towers which allowed their carries to farm up their core items.


INTERNATIONALLGD.Int was able to take down all the outer towers in 40 minutes, while MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs managed just two, which meant an even scarier proposition for INTERNATIONALLGD.Int; that there was more potential income coming the way of MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs.


INTERNATIONALLGD.Int decide to make a move after 45 minutes and was successful in taking down the bottom melee barracks but had to pay for it with their lives because of the double Reverse Polarity by Magnus. They would later attempt to make another move, this time on top lane. They took down the third tower but Morphling's decision to split-push bottom paid off, with INTERNATIONALLGD.Int slow in reacting, allowing MALAYSIAOrange.NeoES to take down the melee barracks and even up the odds.



After a great Hookshot by Clockwerk in the top lane that caught both Magnus and Lina resulted in INTERNATIONALLGD.Int's second barracks of the game


MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs however, we still not out of it yet, with Tinker and Morphling, they were able to push out lanes and Morphling was even able to sneak down the middle lane and took down the melee barracks with INTERNATIONALLGD.Int yet again slow to react.


INTERNATIONALLGD.Int would attempt to take down the middle lane but unfortunately, failed to put a dent in anything with MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs defending well. They would attempt the middle lane a second time and this time around, managed to succeed.


However, with the game seemingly lost, MALAYSIAOrange.NeoEs's Morphling and Rubick (with Disruption) decided to backdoor from the top lane and proceeeded to take down the bottom range barracks for a Mega-Creeps just as (::LGD.Int's Luna Moonfang was taking down the bottom range barracks as well for a Mega-Creeps of their own.



However, Mushi's decision not to leave the Dire base paid off, with his teammates joining in the action, as they were able to totally demolish the INTERNATIONALLGD.Int squad. MALAYSIAOrange.NeoES went on to focus on the Dire throne and achieved a comeback of epic proportion, on the back of Mushi's Morphling.


Final Standings

1st: MALAYSIAOrange.NeoES $1,000

2nd: InternationalLGD.International $500

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