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G-1 League Round of 16 – Day 1

Hamodi on 2013-03-21

G-1 League Round of 16 – Day 1



The G-1 League Round of 16 started things off with a look at the new MALAYSIAMUFC, as WinteR’s team took on and defeated VIET NAM1st.Vietnam CyberPink to advance to the next stage of the tournament. Later on, CHINARattlesnake took on MALAYSIAGizMo Gaming and proved to be too much for the Malaysian team to handle.




The game started out well for MALAYSIAMUFC with them getting kills on early, Puck getting totally shutt down in the middle lane by Tinker. Fortunately for VIET NAM1st.VN, Nerubian Weaver was getting free farm in top lane with Lifestealer not being able to do anything to prevent it.


VIET NAM1st.VN slowly got back into the game by not allowing MALAYSIAMUFC to get into a rhythm. Even though it took 12 minutes for the first tower to go down in the game, it was still action packed with kills flying all over the map. However, it was MALAYSIAMUFC getting the best of it, farming up their core items whilst VIET NAM1st.VN was taking too long to farm up theirs.



It was also very hard for VIET NAM1st.VN to win team fights and the game was slowly slipping away from them and ultimately, they could not recover the gap, with the game finishing after 32 minutes.


MALAYSIAMUFC were able to get an early first blood after waiting for VIET NAM1st.VN in the jungle for a 4v5 engagement, killing Shadow Demon and Clockwerk in exchange for two. They would dominate in the tri-lane and later, controlled the other lanes as well. This game was no different from the first as MALAYSIAMUFC continued to roll by getting their core items after going on a kill streak to free up their lanes.


The game would just snowball away from VIET NAM1st.VN in favour of MALAYSIAMUFC in terms of items, experience and map control. Once again, VIET NAM1st.VN could not find a way to hold-off MALAYSIAMUFC and defend their lanes even with Keeper of the Light on their side. The team fight near the Roshan pit signalled the end for VIET NAM1st.VN as MALAYSIAMUFC would finish the game in 27 minutes and series 2-0.




CHINARattlesnake were able to dominate the early stages of the game, getting kill after kill and tore MALAYSIAGizMo apart. They continued to build up their lead and did not give MALAYSIAGizMo any chance for recovery. MALAYSIAGizMo tried desperatly to get back into the game with Luna Moonfang split-pushing but it was simply just not enough.


With CHINARattlesnake farming up their core items quickly and combined with the massive AoE skills that they had, it was just too much for MALAYSIAGizMo to handle as they took Game 1 without breaking a sweat.



CHINARattesnake started with the unusual dual lane of Clockwerk and Dark Seer and somehow it worked out well as it somewhat controlled the ability of Luna Moonfang to farm thus allowing Faceless Void to get off to a better start. CHINARattlesnake would later on get kills in the Radiant jungle where most of MALAYSIAGizMo’s heroes were camping out.



With MALAYSIAGizMo picking a line-up that was heavily dependent on their heroes levelling up quickly, CHINARattlesnake was able to punish them for it as MALAYSIAGizMo was unable to get kills. Once again, the game slowly slipped away from MALAYSIAGizMo as Rattesnake went on to demolish them, finishing the game in 30 minutes.

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