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Veronica and LongDD depart from TongFu

Nic on 2013-03-17

Veronica and LongDD depart from TongFu



Two of CHINATongFu's most reliable players, Xiang “LongDD” Huang and Zhi Xi “Veronica” Chen, have announced that they are leaving the team. The team was expected to compete in the second phase of G-1 League this year so two replacements have already been named – they are former CHINAFor.Love players, Jiao 'Banana' Wang and Zhi Xi 'YaoBai' Chan.


LongDD, a former CHINADK support player is best remembered for assisting the legendary carry player 'Burning' at The International. However, he decided to leave CHINADK to join CHINATongFu after the tournament. For Veronica, he is known to be a very consistent off-lane player for team CHINAWorld Elite.




Rumuors suggest that LongDD had been seen playing at the CHINALGD Gaming House. Prior to this news, it was also rumoured that CHINALGD China would be dropping DD to have LongDD in their roster.


This is likely the start of multiple roster changes in the Chinese scene as teams reshuffle their line-ups in a bid to improve their chances to garner The International invites.


The first challenge for these teams will be the G-1 Champions League. Rapture Gaming Network will be providing updates on the event, so be sure to visit daily.


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