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Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia 2013 ends with a bang!

Warturtle on 2013-03-10

Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia 2013 ends with a bang!


The final day of the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia began with the Losers’ Bracket Final between SINGAPOREFirst Departure and THAILANDAwake. SINGAPOREFirst Departure was able to defeat THAILANDAwake and earn the right to face MALAYSIAABC in the Grand Final in a re-match of the third round of the tournament.



MALAYSIAABC and SINGAPOREFirst Departure had met each other earlier in the tournament which saw MALAYSIAABC showing no mercy to SINGAPOREFirst Departure and sending them down to the Losers’ Bracket. SINGAPOREFirst Departure showed great resilience and put that defeat behind them and fought their way into the Grand Final for a shot at revenge. MALAYSIAABC had a dominating tournament thus far and had not lost a single game. They held a 1-0 advantage in the Grand Final leaving SINGAPOREFirst Departure with all to do and needing to win 2 games against the favourites.




The Game 2 between MALAYSIAABC and SINGAPOREFirst Departure saw SINGAPOREFirst Departure exposing some of MALAYSIAABC’s weaknesses leading to the first defeat for MALAYSIAABC during the tournament. With the best of 3 Grand Final score-line tied at 1-1, MALAYSIAABC came back strongly in Game 3 and stated their aggression from the beginning. SINGAPOREFirst Departure fought hard to stay in the game and on a few occasions was able to overcome MALAYSIAABC’s over-aggressive stance. However, the fairy tale run was not to be for the Singaporean team as MALAYSIAABC wrapped up the match in the same dominant form that they had displayed throughout the tournament and claim the championship title.







1st Place


$5,000 + $7,500 sponsorship contract

2nd Place

SINGAPOREFirst Departure

$2,000 + $5,000 sponsorship contract

3rd Place


$1,000 + $2,000 sponsorship contract



1st Runner-up - SINGAPOREFirst Departure



2nd Runner-up - THAILANDAwake



Catch up on all the action via the match videos below.


SINGAPOREFirst Departure vs THAILANDAwake


Grand Final Game 1 - SINGAPOREFirst Departure vs MALAYSIAABC


Grand Final Game 2 - SINGAPOREFirst Departure vs MALAYSIAABC


Interview with Winter from MALAYSIAABC


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