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Another reshuffle hits the Chinese scene

Nic on 2013-03-15

Another reshuffle hits the Chinese scene


With all teams aiming for an invite to the prestigious “The International”, it was inevitable that roster changes would occur. Chinese DOTA 2 is known to be one of the most aggressive regions when it comes to multiple shuffles and roster changes. got an inside scoop regarding the upcoming changes in the scene. Four teams are of primary focus with regard to the looming issue of roster shuffles – the first being CHINAFor.Love, then CHINARattlesnake as well as the two teams that competed in The International last year, CHINATongFu and CHINALGD.Cn.


Multiple big names such as LongDD, SanSheng, and Zippo are allegedly changing teams (LongDD and Veronica have already confirmed their departure from CHINATongFU). Other possible moves are as shown:


This shuffle can really make or break any team - CHINARattleSnake, CHINAFor.Love and CHINATongFu will have to prove that their rosters are worth of an invite.  As for, with their run at the tournament last year, they probably stand a high chance of getting invited again to compete in Seattle this year.


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