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A deeper slice of Neolution.Orange

Nic on 2013-03-09

A deeper slice of Neolution.Orange



With the G-League only hours away, teams and players from the DOTA 2 scene are waiting with anticipation for the Final between newly formed LGD.International and The International 2 champions Invictus Gaming.


Undoubtedly, Chinese DOTA 2 is currently considered the benchmark standard for teams all over the world. Not too far from them, however, is a team that is considered the best in the South-East Asia region at the moment - Neolution.Orange. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look into the upset that ABC pulled off against Orange last week in the GEST February event.


We approached multiple professional players to share their thoughts about this specific topic.


Prior to their loss against Winter and his team, ABC, during GEST, Neolution.Orange was dominating the SEA region having won all 4 major SEA tournaments that they took part in in 2013. Rapture Gaming Network initially asked the players exactly what they thought about Orange’s loss.


MiTH’s LaKelz and Upper of Neolution.Thailand both pointed to their draft choices as the primary factor. Both agreed that Orange drafted poorly during those games and conversely, ABC drafted well by picking up 2 core carries which determined the outcome of the games. This sentiment was also shared by the stand-in which played for ABC at GEST, Invasion player Fzfz.


When we approached Neolution.International captain, Michael “NinjaBoogie” Ross, he agreed that Neolution.Orange had under-performed and made plenty of mistakes during that series that cost them the game.


Not satisfied with the answers we had gathered, we decided to dig deeper – what exactly were the weaknesses of a team (Neolution.Orange) once considered invincible in the South-East Asian scene?


MSI-evoGT.TnC stand-in, Mark “Cast” Pilar, stated that one of their weaknesses was KyXy in the off-lane. “It is not a role that KyXy is comfortable playing since he is used to playing in a tri-lane scenario or even as the solo mid,” remarked Cast.  However, LaKelz and NinjaBoogie disagreed and suggested that KyXy was really a “pain for the opposing teams no matter where he plays”, and he is in fact, “the best hard-lane player in the SEA region.”


Invasion’s Fzfz suggested that Neolution.Orange was simply complacent as they had already won 4 titles to start the year but “every team still (had) their own weakness(es) and that every team must always seek (to improve) and not get complacent.”


Ultimately, Neolution.Orange is still a great team despite their runner-up finish at GEST February. With Mushi focusing on going back to “The International” this year, is there any team in the SEA region that can stop the Malaysian powerhouse?


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