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Stalk departs from el’Pride

Warturtle on 2013-03-12

Stalk departs from RUSSIAel’Pride



A month after the departure of their manager as well as, legendary player, Vigoss from the team, RUSSIAel’Pride has suffered a third setback. Stalk has decided to leave the team.


The departure of Vigoss already hit the team quite hard leading to poor showings by Team RUSSIAel’Pride in recent competitive matches. The main reason for Stalk’s departure was due to internal issues.


With Stalk’s departure RUSSIAel’Pride is now left with only three official players and are currently trying to work out various stand-ins find one that would fit their team play style.


The following is a statement given by Stalk after his departure from RUSSIAel’Pride:


“Due to the personal disagreements and poor team relations, I decided that it would be easier to leave the team than (try to) sort things out.”


Current player AndriodP released the following statement shortly after:


“We were not (getting along) with Stalk. It seemed like everything was going fine but when we switched to online training after boot-camp, we became hot-tempered. That's why we (fell out). Massacre has been leading our drafts for 2 months and now I don't even know who to invite. We have some options and we will try them out now.”


Current RUSSIAel’Pride Roster:


Andrew 'androidP' Pishikov

Leonard 'Massacre' Urih

Eugen 'XaKoH" Kochetkov


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