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Keita Gaming storms back into DOTA 2

Warturtle on 2013-03-13

Keita Gaming storms back into DOTA 2



SWEEDENKeita Gaming has stormed back into the world of DOTA 2. After parting ways with the previous Swedish line-up, SWEEDENKeita Gaming has decided to pick up another all Swedish line-up and the team is none other than SWEEDENOut of Tangos.


SWEEDENOut of Tangos is an up and coming team which has shown a lot of promise in their recent competitive matches. The team was in action in tournaments like DreamHack, Thor Open and ESL Europe DOTA 2.


The manager of SWEEDENKetia Gaming released an official statement where he stated:


“After a time of apparent inactivity, SWEEDENKeita Gaming is glad to announce the newest addition to our gaming roster. We are happy to announce that from now on, SWEEDENOut Of Tangos will represent SWEEDENKeita Gaming on the DOTA 2 scene.


We spoke to SWEEDENOOTs captain, Jesper 'Frigoleet' Göthe, about the merger. "You could say the team was formed about three years ago," he recounted. At that time the group consisted of just three players, the fourth addition was included about a year and a half ago and the latest addition just a month ago. However, Frigoleet told us that "almost no time at all was needed for him to find his place in the team" and that the team feels better than ever.


Frigoleet has been captain since they first started and when asked to comment on his goals and expectations regarding the future with SWEEDENKeita Gaming, he said that he was confident that the team would perform well as, "we have been playing together since we were beginners.”


Although the team was not very good initially, he felt that they have improved a lot since and that they were very focused to the point where they felt that they could compete with the top teams. As such, they were looking forward to working together with SWEEDENKeita Gaming and hoped to maintain the same development curve and be playing at the top level soon.


Keita Gaming Roster:


Jesper ”Frigoleet” Göthe

Staffan ”Steffstyle” Solin

Felix ”Floxplox” Strömqvist

Julius ”cYso” Åberg

Jan ”Maglev Gank Train” Liu




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