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Team Dignitas picks up Torqued

Ronnel on 2013-03-09

Team Dignitas picks up Torqued



Team Dignitas has announced that they will be entering the CS:GO scene with the addition of team Torqued to their talented ensemble.

Torqued, led by their only Canadian player Joshua “steel” Nissan, have been looking around for a team to compete with for some time now. Steel used to play for mTw but the organization disbanded due to financial problems.

George “HudzG” Hoskins release a statement regarding the newly formed team.

"Since leaving mTw, I am happy to be part of such a strong organisation once again. After mTw liquidated, ODEE and I have been talking a lot about our views and goals and we are happy that we have come to an agreement.

It has always been a personal goal of mine to represent Team Dignitas and I'm happy that I have the chance to do so. We have put together a team that, in time, has a lot of potential to reach our goals that we have set for ourselves. I am happy and excited to see how the players excel in the right environment with a great management team behind them. Our goals right now are Multiplay's i48 and hopefully ESH Birmingham, as well as various online tournaments we are looking to enter.

I would like to thank Lasse , Andreas and Wez for the time we spent together. It is with much regret that we never managed to get to a tournament but I hope Lasse and Andreas do well at their new home and Wez with his last year of university.

Team Dignitas prides itself on professionalism, commitment and stability and I feel that these players have all of those qualities and more. Thank you to our sponsors Intel, Scan, Alienware, Kingston, Killer, Qpad, Twitch, Multiplay, Creative, Western Digital, iiyama, Antec and Team Dignitas's management for believing in this project and we will do our best to put Team Dignitas firmly on the map of CS:GO."


Dignitas CS:GO Line-up

Joshua “steel” Nissan

George “hudzG” Hoskins

Somprasert “som” Haddow

Tom “vertigo” Rockliffe

James “PEZ” Perrott


Team Dignitas is an established powerhouse in other games such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends. As they break into the CS:GO scene, can the newly formed CS:GO team live up to the name that is Dignitas?


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