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Dreamz to replace Neo.Int for TI3 East qualifiers

Michael on 2013-05-16

Dreamz to replace Neo.Int for TI3 East qualifiers



PHILIPPINESDreamz have been selected to replace SINGAPORENeolution.Int for The International 3 Eastern qualifiers. It was previously reported that SINGAPORENeolution.Int was disqualified from the qualifiers due to PHILIPPINESMike 'Ninjaboogie' Ross removal from the team. It is Valve's policy that teams must not change their roster in order to participate.

PHILIPPINESDreamz roster:

PHILIPPINESHiroshi 'Yosh' Yoshimoto

PHILIPPINESJoshua 'Owey' Dela Cruz

PHILIPPINESJulius 'Julz' Domingo

PHILIPPINESLloyd 'LA' Alfred Bolos

PHILIPPINESPatrick 'JyC' Pascua


Source: DOTA 2 Blog


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