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Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013 Live Updates: 10th May

Michael on 2013-05-10

Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013 Live Updates



Rapture Gaming Network is here on-site to give you the latest coverage with regards to the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013.


Day 1 (10/05/2013):

4.00am - RGN is here at Ninoy Aquino International Airport awaiting the arrival of SINGAPORENeolution.Int, SINGAPOREPMS.Asterisk, MALAYSIANeoES|Orange & PHILIPPINESItsProTime.


5.45am - All of the teams have finally arrived & we are sending them to their hotel (psst, secret location!).


Sorry for the blur picture! Guess who are these 3 shy guys?


6.30am - All of the teams have arrived at their hotel. While waiting for the check-in process, some of them were hungry & decided to have breakfast at the hotel's lobby.


Neolution's boss waking up early to meet MALAYSIAOhaiyo & PHILIPPINESNinjaboogie at the hotel's lobby!


7.00am - Check-in process for all of the DOTA 2 teams are completed! Time for RGN to head to bed *snooze*


2.00pm - RGN heads out to shift our living quarters to our hotel. Guess who we saw at the lobby waiting for us? XD


PHILIPPINESRGN.Jtan, PGF SA's 2013 Filipino caster for the main stage.


2.46pm - We received an email from Valve stating that our DOTA 2 Ticket pass is approved! Do purchase the ticket over here at: as we bring you live professional Filipino & English commentary.



4.00pm - Mineski's NCCL is happening right now at the exact same venue of PGF SA 2013! Huge crowd queueing up just to see SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk!


5.25pm - SINGAPOREPMS.Asterisk is starting their showmatch against PHILIPPINESMski.Biancake's team soon!


Photo taken from SINGAPOREPMS.Asterisk facebook. From left to right: SINGAPOREmsjovial, SINGAPOREcyncyn, SINGAPOREKimchi, SINGAPOREHuayan & SINGAPOREfurryfish


6.20pm - SINGAPOREPMS.Asterisk vs PHILIPPINESMski.Biancake's team is live now!


7.00pm - SINGAPOREPMS.Asterisk falls to PHILIPPINESSS.Sensei (Biancake's team) in a tightly contested match. 




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