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CS:GO HRG adds fRoD, Storm & Warden for ESEA invitational

Michael on 2013-05-06

HRG adds fRoD, Storm & Warden for ESEA invitational



Three Former USAEvil Geniuses & USAComplexity legends were seen in USAHigh Rollers Gaming roster for the ESEA invitational season 14. USADanny 'fRoD' Montaner, USATyler 'Storm' Wood & USAMatt 'Warden' Dickens have reunited in USAHRG but this time, in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive & not the traditional Counter-Strike 1.6.


USAHigh Rollers Gaming roster:

USACody 'ezpk' Shirley

USADanny 'fRoD' Montaner

CANADAKeith 'NAF' Markovic

USATyler 'Storm' Wood

USAJosh 'Wade' Wade

USAMatt 'Warden' Dickens


Indeed it is pleasing to hear that the trio of old flames are back in action to compete against the new generation of gamers.

Source: ESEA


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