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Flash eSports renews CM Storm Sponsorship

Reuben Soh on 2013-05-11

Flash eSports renews CM Storm Sponsorship



Flash eSports, popular gaming outfit here in Singapore, has recently signed an extension their current sponsorship agreement with Cooler Master CM Storm in a bid that will maintain if not strengthen their already impressive client portfolio. In a joint statement issued May 9th 2013, owner of Flash eSports Terence Ting remarks that he is heartened at CM Storm’s endorsement of his team, adding that this renewal did bring with it “improved terms” to the existing agreement which is in fact nearly a year old now.


Although not exactly specifying what exactly those terms were, they are said to broadly encompass financial and hardware aid as well as support for original initiatives such as the Flash eShop, which opened its doors the week preceding the FD2L (Flash Dota 2 League) Season 2 last weekend.


CM Storm, the specialized eSports extension to peripheral maker Cooler Master, is no stranger to the local competitive gaming scene, though outright sponsorships of professional gaming outfits here have been far and few. Supporting teams such as Curse, Exile5 and LDLC among many others, the inclusion of Flash eSports under does imply a strong vote of confidence to what many considers the largest and best competitive gaming association in the country at the moment.


To commemorate this landmark agreement, Flash eSports has decided to run a CM Storm promotion for which lucky participants may stand a chance to walk away with CM Storm keyboards of their choice. To participate head on over to


For more information on Flash eSports and their renewed sponsorship agreement with CM Storm head on down to


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