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PGF SA: Day 1 Recap

Hamodi on 2013-05-11

Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly concludes day 1


The Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013 has kicked off! The opening game of the tournament was Group A's match up PHILIPPINESGangster vs PHILIPPINESMineski. PHILIPPINESGangster participated in the PGF online qualifiers & achieved 3rd placing, hence qualifying for the final spot while PHILIPPINESMineski obtained a direct invitation.




With PHILIPPINESGangster in control of all the lanes, they made it hard for mineski to get into their rhythm, notably their tri-lane which was totally shut down. As the game progressed, PHILIPPINESGangsters' strong team fight lineup came into play as they just destroyed PHILIPPINESMineski during team fights. And with Magnus failing to land in his Reverse Polarity properly basically spelled "GG" for PHILIPPINESMineski.




PHILIPPINESDreamzLedSS was in complete control of the early game with them contesting lifestealer very well and Gyrocopter was basically free farm in the bottom lane. Although SINGAPORENeoES.Int could make a few comebacks, winning small skirmishes and getting a few pickoffs, PHILIPPINESDreamzLedSS' hero composition was stronger and lead heavily in items which proved just too over-powered in the end.




MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange basically outpicked PHILIPPINESGangster, although PHILIPPINESGangster's lineup had the potential but they require a decent amount of experience and a good start. MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange's early game aggression just got the best of PHILIPPINESGangster, with them dominating in the tri-lane and Templar Assassin being countered by Warlock in the middle lane. During the course of the game, MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange's constant aggression and not giving PHILIPPINESGangster even the smallest opening to catch up on farm, PHILIPPINESGangster could no longer get mount a comeback and MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange just took the game with ease.




Despite the insane magical damage coming out of PHILIPPINESiPT's artillery, it was mostly negated by PHILIPPINESDreamzLedSS' Black King Bar's and Juggernaut's Healing Ward. With Gyrocopter being PHILIPPINESiPT's only source of right-click damage, he could not help out on that aspect as he was heavily delayed on farm, hence, not delivering the damage. As the game progressed, PHILIPPINESDreamzLedSS' item progression quickly increased and that made them even tankier and hit harder. After a few great pickoffs by Batrider and great Reverse Polarities by Magnus, PHILIPPINESDreamzLedSS walked away with the "W".




PHILIPPINESMineski's decision to go for three hard carries immediately back fired as they could not get the start they needed, besides Juggernaut who had decent farm in the bottom lane, but that was basically it. MALAYSIANeoES.Orange grouped up early and just took down towers and kills all over the map and PHILIPPINESMineski could not do anything about it as their carries have insufficient items to survive team fights. With that, MALAYSIANeoES.Orange over-powered them in the end.



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