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Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013 Live Updates: 11th May

Michael on 2013-05-11

Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013 Live Updates: 11th May


Rapture Gaming Network is now here at the SM North EDSA level 4 for the Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly 2013. Livestream will be available in Filipino by PHILIPPINESRGN.Jtan over at while live Engilsh DOTATV commentary will be provided by PHILIPPINESRGN.Avarice.



Group Team Wins Loss Group Team Wins Loss
A PHILIPPINESGangster 2 1 B SINGAPORENeolution.Int 2 1


10.15pm - And Day 1 concludes! SINGAPORENeolution.Int won their crucial match aginst PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT to proceed on as runners-up in Group B. Unfortunately they'll have to face their Malaysian Neolution counterparts MALAYSIANeoES|Orange in the semi-finals tomorrow. Hence, the possibility of both Neolution sponsored teams in the finals is impossible. Thanks everyone for tuning in the streams & following the updates. We'll be back tomorrow!


9.45pm - MALAYSIANeoES|Orange wins their last game against PHILIPPINESMineski to top Group A! They'll face the runners-up of Group B tomorrow in the semi-finals. PHILIPPINESGangster progress as 1st runners-up in Group A and will face PHILIPPINESDreamz tomorrow.


MALAYSIANeoES|Orange playing their last Group A game against PHILIPPINESMineski


9pm - PHILIPPINESDreamz won their last group game against PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT to top Group B. The last game will be SINGAPORENeolution.Int vs PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT. If PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT wins this game, there will be a 3-way tie for 2nd place!


8.45pm - SINGAPORENeolution.Int edged out PHILIPPINESItsProTime in their 2nd group game to keep their qualification hopes alive. They'll need to win against PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT in their final game!


7.30pm - SINGAPORENeolution.Int is going up against PHILIPPINESItsProTime on stage soon. This will be a crucial match for both teams as the loser will most likely not qualify for the playoffs anymore.


7.25pm - PHILIPPINESMineski keeps their qualification hopes alive after winning against SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk. They'll need to win their last group A game against MALAYSIANeoES|Orange to force a 3-way tie in Group A between MALAYSIANeoES|Orange, PHILIPPINESGangster & PHILIPPINESMineski.


"Guess The Winner" segment on stage! If you're in Manila, do dropby the SM North EDSA Annex level 4!


6.20pm - All hopes is lost now for SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk as they've lost to PHILIPPINESGangster despite getting the early game lead. PHILIPPINESGangster will proceed on 2nd in their group if MALAYSIANeoES|Orange wins their last game against PHILIPPINESMineski. However, if PHILIPPINESMineski wins their remaining 2 games, it could be an interesting 3-way tie.


6.15pm - PHILIPPINESDreamz puts PHILIPPINESItsProTime in a dangerous position in Group B as they go 2-0 after emerging victorious.


5.40pm - PHILIPPINESGangster going live against SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk soon on stage! This game will also be streamed in Filipino at 


Filipino CrossFire action on stage!


5.05pm - MALAYSIANeoES|Orange emerges victorious PHILIPPINESGangster after a remake. They now top the group with 2 wins & 0 loss.


4.50pm - Our last 8 participants for the Starcraft II competition: PHILIPPINESJapito vs PHILIPPINESAlice, PHILIPPINESKaiser vs PHILIPPINESYax, PHILIPPINESPolka vs PHILIPPINESMski.EnDerr & PHILIPPINESDane vs PHILIPPINESWaning


4.25pm - PHILIPPINESGangster vs MALAYSIANeoES|Orange had to be remade (new draft) due to everyone disconnecting & having problems with a load..


PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT preparing for their stage match against PHILIPPINESItsProTime


PGF's beautiful & handsome Filipino hosts (:


2.35pm - MALAYSIANeoES|Orange wins their first Group A game against SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk*.


2.25pm - PHILIPPINESDreamz edged out SINGAPORENeolution.Int in Group B's thriller! Coming up next on stage will be PHILIPPINESMSIEvoGT vs PHILIPPINESItsProTIme, also another Group B's game.



Insane crowd watching PHILIPPINESDreamz vs SINGAPORENeolution.Int! Tightly contested game now.


SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk* warming up before facing MALAYSIANeoES|Orange


2.00pm - SINGAPOREPMS|Asterisk* going live soon against group favourites MALAYSIANeoES|Orange!

SINGAPORENeolution.Int getting ready for their match against PHILIPPINESDreamz


1.15pm - PHILIPPINESDreamz vs SINGAPORENeolution.Int in Group B going live soon!


12.45pm - Upset in Group A! PHILIPPINESGangster defeats PHILIPPINESMineski in the opening match!


PHILIPPINESRGN.Avarice, our English caster is going live on-site!|Ninjaboogie signing for his fan!


11.05am - DOTA 2 participants are streaming in.. Games should be starting soon!


9.45am - Starcraft II participants & a small crowd is forming. Thumbs up to the sound crew for playing the right music on a saturday morning!



DOTA 2 tournament preview.


Neolution eSports Booth with their awesome gaming peripherals!


Major Sponsor: ASUS


NVIDIA's Tournament area


PGF's Presenting Sponsor: NVIDIA!


Stage Area


8.25am - The event's setup is almost completed. Lets take a preview of the various setup.












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