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League of Legends All Star event: Predictions

Knight7 on 2013-05-22

League of Legends All Star event: Predictions



LoL All Stars Shanghai 2013 is just a few days away and the best players from around the world have already gathered in China for a historic event, pitting regional teams in competition for the opportunity to better their chances at winning the World Championships for their region. The region that wins All Star Shanghai gets to send one additional team to represent them at the World Championship, while the region that places last loses one slot to field a team. In addition, the top 4 regions are granted a bye in the group stage of the World Championships, positioning them better to win the Summoner's Cup at the main event. The losing region representatives will have to play all their games in the group stage, and possibly be eliminated even before the real games begin. The  stakes are high and the players are raring to go in the inaugural All Star clash, so sit back and have a gander at the players representing their respective regions


North America LCS will be represented by:

  • Dyrus (TSM Snapdragon)

  • Saintvicious (Curse)

  • Scarra (Dignitas)

  • Doublelift (Counter Logic Gaming)

  • Xpecial (TSM Snapdragon)

Europe LCS will be represented by:

  • sOAZ (Fnatic)

  • Diamond (Gambit BenQ)

  • Alex Ich (Gambit BenQ)

  • Yellowpete (EG Raidcall)

  • EDward (Gambit BenQ)

OGN Champions (Korea) will be represented by:

  • Shy (CJ Entus Frost)

  • inSec (KT Rolster B)

  • Ambition (CJ Entus Blaze)

  • PraY (NaJin Sword)

  • Madlife (CJ Entus Frost)

Tencent LoL Pro League (China) will be represented by:

  • PDD (Invictus Gaming)

  • Troll (World Elite)

  • Misaya (World Elite)

  • WeiXiao (World Elite)

  • XiaoXiao (Invictus Gaming)

Garena Premier League (South-East Asia) will be represented by:

  • Stanley (Azubu Taipei Assassins)

  • HarLeLuYar (Singapore Sentinels)

  • Toyz (Azubu Taipei Assassins)

  • Chawy (Singapore Sentinels)

  • MiSTakE (Azubu Taipei Snipers)



For the regular followers of LoL's competitive scene, these names will be second nature to you. Some of these players have been touted as the best in the world at what they do, and it will be a major treat for fans to see their favourite pros doing what they do best in a highly competitive yet fun environment. Personally, I'm excited to see Misaya from World Elite competing and would love to see his fabled Twisted Fate go against Azubu TPA Toyz's Orianna, as well as Doublelift face off against Yellowpete in a battle of AD carry mechanics. Because aside from the regional matches, the players will also be partaking in an All Star Skills Competition, the first time it has ever been held. Players from the 5 main roles will be pitted against each other in a vacuum map with specific objectives and tasks to test the players in their expertise. So while Misaya may have his TF banned in the regional map, I expect the Skills Challenge to be free picks, allowing us fans to have a more indepth look at his skills.


Who'll win the face offs? I am leaning heavily towards Europe, because I believe that the jungler plays a huge role in securing early game - mid game advantage, and not only is Gambit Gaming Diamond, in my opinion the best jungler in the LoL pro scene at present, playing for the Europe All Stars, he also has Alex Ich, Gambit Gaming's mid player and EDward, Gambit Gaming's support player to back him up. The synergy between them will give Europe an early advantage in training and possibly into the finals. On the other hand, South East Asia does have a free bye into the second round due to Taipei Assassins' Season 2 win at last year's World Championships. 


As for the skills challenge, I have already picked Diamond as the best jungler in the pro scene currently, so definitely, he should be winning the jungler challenge. It's a toss up between Toyz and Misaya for who is the best mid player as Alex Ich mainly depends on his unorthodox picks to couple with his high personal sklls and  catapult his advantage in lane. The Top Lane competition is almost too close to call but Shy should edge out the rest in a very competitive field. The 2v2 challenge will be difficult to call as well, as I think Madlife is the best support in the game but Doublelift is the best AD Carry in terms of mechanics. I think the Koreans should take home the 2v2 challenge title as well, but then again I am purely biased towards the players I support. The format of the competition hasnt been revealed yet so at this point, it is still too early to say who can definitely take home the gold. What are your thoughts on the All Star Games?

Source: LoL Esports


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