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The daily Rapt: Dreamz.DotA

Nico on 2013-01-23

For our third “Rapt” we are featuring a heavyweight DotA team from the Philippines, Dreamz.DotA. The team’s roster composes of Yosh playing captain and support alongside veteran JyC. In the carry roles they have Owey in the Mid Lane, LA and Julz on the side lane.




Dreamz.DotA had a big 2012 by being the favourites in each and every round of the Pacific Pro Circuit, and Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League. Dreamz lived up to their favourites tag by winning convincingly not only the PGF but also the over-all GMPGL and earned their spot in the “SMM” in Malaysia later in 2012.


During “SMM” however, Dreamz failed to make it to the final 3 as they were defeated by fellow Filipino’ team iZone.Gigabyte. Although some teams like MSIevoGT are undergoing a complete transition to DOTA 2, Dreamz are still aiming to dominate Dota1 while still competing in various DOTA 2 competitions.




At the moment, the team that is managed by “BigDogJ” and have already won various tournaments like the GMPGL Encore event that was held last week in SM North Edsa. They have also qualified in the battle of Class A by being the champion in the Ledion Shop.


We will continue to follow Dreamz’s progress in both the DotA and DOTA 2 scenes so for more updates, stay tuned to You can also suggest or request for a gamer or team to be featured in our “The daily Rapt”.


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