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Neolution Gaming Gear now available in RGN Store!

HH on 2013-05-09

Neolution Gaming Gear now available in RGN Store!



Greetings fellow gamers! Neolution gaming gear is now available in RGN STORE! You can now order your gear from RGN Store and we will send it to where ever you are. If you do not have paypal, you can directly to make arrangements.

Neolution also have a promotion to win a trip to the DOTA2 The International 3 event if you are to buy any Neolution product. This promotion applies to everyone who purchase a Neolution product.



If you are in Philippines, great news for for you as Neolution will be in town. Pre-order now and you can collect your gear @ PGF SA at no additional shipping cost!

*Important: When you collect your item(s) at PGF SA, please bring along your online receipt for verification. 


NeoES-T-REX @ only USD$14.30 for FREE members and USD$ 13.73 for PREMIUM members!!



NeoES-SuperSonicX @ only USD$35.20 for FREE members and USD$33.80 for PREMIUM members!!



NeoES-G1 Spider@ only USD$21.45 for FREE members and USD$20.59 for PREMIUM members!!


Visit to satisfy your gaming needs now!!


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    bring me pls to Ti3

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