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What’s next after the end of TnC Gaming?

Nico on 2013-01-19

Foxx, Cast, Vash, Ryo and Ninjaboogie from Team TnC Pagibig, was carrying the Philippine flag high last month in “The Asia” tournament. The tournament started bad for the group as went down to  two straight defeats in the hands of MiTH-Trust and JoeNet, refusing to give up, TnC bounce back with a big back-to-back wins against heavyweights Zenith and Orange. Pro casters labelled it as the real game of TnC. Athough evetually they were defeated in the tie-breakers, many applaud them for their hard work. 



Just weeks after their impressive performance at “The Asia” TnC Pagibig officially disbanded and part ways, Cast, JessieVash, Ryo joined their sister-team MSIEvoGT while Ninjaboogie with Foxx reunites with the former Duskbin players Blah, Hachiko, and Lei all from Singapore to form Neolution E-sport International.


With the addition of JessieVash into MSIEvoGT, they’ve acquired a solid and experience off-laner that can contest other teams’ safe-lanes. In Ryo’s addition MSI got a hard hitting carry that they’ve been missing because of the fact that their former players Doa, and Doc used to play mid-carry heroes like QoP and Windrunner. Adding to this, the talent and versatility that Ryo showed in “The Asia” is very promising; he was somehow compared by others as the little Xiao8 with the way he played his Beastmaster. Cast the very experienced captain that will be leading the new MSIEvoGT team will provide the strategy, knowledge and experience that team requires.


Neolution International maybe a new team but these guys aren’t new with each other as they were once the roster for Singapore organization “Duskbin”. In the middle of 2012 Ninjaboogie together with Blah, Lei, and Hachiko were once considered as one of the South East Asian Dota2 powerhouse. With Foxx on the team, Neolution will have a versatile support that can also play carry roles. He was originally noticed with his Faceless void helping Mineski to win an international tournament. The veteran and very reliable carry “Ninjaboogie”, captain of Neolution international who was known since his HoN days and he was the main factor of TnC winning their games against Orange and Zenith in “The Asia”.



Neolution International in recently claimed their first title in “SEA League” defeating the new “MSIEvoGT” 3-0 in a best-of-five grand finals.


Overall, the disbandment of TnC Pagibig isn’t all negative, bright campaign will be blooming in their quest to attain international glory. Expect both teams to give their all.


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