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First strike to Orange Esports HoN and a fitting farewell to XXF_

Reuben Soh on 2013-01-22

While many struggle to make good on their New Year’s resolutions, Orange Esport’s HoN division wasted little time in getting their act together.  Racing past the finish line, the intrepid five ran out of the recent National HoN (Heroes of Newerth) Championships in Malaysia victors of the first major tournament of 2013 and RM300,000 in the bag.





Retaining the same set of players to have featured in most of last year’s competitions, the team banked on their wealth of experience and playing familiarity to take them pass some of the more illustrious opponents such as MUFC, HoNPort and Fnts.  However, with all the teams coming from the same country this proved a double edged sword for team Orange as their HoN frontman Shuiyu related, “being all from Malaysia, we played and scrimmed a lot together and I have to say that the individual skills of `kiddo, Nick_oks`, Zergrush & Kecik`imba were very impressive”.



“I was worried initially, but as we won games, I started to feel more confident,” he recalled.  Utilizing a “secret” draft tactic, rehearsed religiously prior to the competition, Orange managed to overcome most of their opponents with ease, and this included the scalp of the other finalist.  “In the final match, our team was pretty sure that we could out-draft them as we have already seen through their strategies in the previous games. On top of that, we also had the luck of the draft (as) we drafted heroes we were all confident at using!”


The team, led by MrGhost and held together by wangwang_, XXF_, dabeliuteef and the man himself Shuiyu, promises a zero tolerance for complacency this year with the latter dropping hints that the team is set to feature in another major tournament before June.  “You can see my team in action very soon! This is a big hint, but I won't be revealing the event or the dates but definitely before June! Be sure to watch us comeback with more vigour!”



However, as pleasing as the victory was, this contest marks the last competitive game for XXF_ in the HoN team as he transfers over to the League of Legends division in Orange.  Known internally as the ‘gossip and vanity queen’, his teammates wasted no time in expressing their appreciation for one of their finest players.  “It was of great pleasure and honour to have had you (XXF_) in Orange throughout the year and for all the achievements that we have had as a team I thank you. (You had) better bring home the Champion title (in LoL) or (we) are going to disown you!”, quipped the cheery team supporter.


I would like to thank Frank of Orange eSports, the organization, and our beloved fans that have been supporting us all this time! To our sponsor Razer, as well as Garena for their massive support and Mischa for being an ‘imba’ GM!”



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