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Mith.Trust ready for the Goldensoft Tournament

RGN on 2013-01-19

Rapture Gaming Network (RGN) sat down with Captain of MiTH.Trust TnK just before the Goldsoft tournament. He shared his views regarding his team preparations and also regarding the tournament.

When asked which opponents would be the toughest for Mith.Trust in this tournament, TnK says “Since we have heard that iDeal-gigabyte will not be able to attend this Tournament , and Neolution dota2 team have fall in qualifier tournament. The strongest team that will attend this tournament will be Awake”. He also said that his team aims to settle for nothing less than the Champion spot for this tournament.


When asked if Mith.Trust had any bootcamps for this tournament and their training session for this tournament. TnK speaks out saying “We didn't have any bootcamps but we have online training as usual every night and keep training harder than normal. We found that we have lost our training to Neolution team many games so we have to fix this before the tournament start”. TnK also states that they will give their best and not let their fans down.


This week Dota 2 patch update had a new mode which aims to let players practice with the heroes they are not familiar or are in learning phase. TnK said that the least play mode is a very good mode for any player .This mode can help the newbie or even pro player to know all Heroes well . “I like this mode but I have to get my hands on this mode.”


When asked if there would be any role changes in the competitive teams with the introduction of this mode. To this TnK said that, we can look forward to seeing more role changes in future.


In addition to the new mode the patch update had UI, Gameplay, Workshop and Bot changes. The entire list of changelog can be found in the link given below.


Changelog list :


The Goldsoft Tournament begins on 19th January 2013. Stay tuned to RGN as we will bring you the live streaming of the tournament (Only in Thai) at



MiTH.Trust Roster :

TnK as semi- carry
sD as Ganker , support
r5r5 as Support
aaBbaa as Semi- carry
Lk as hard carry


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