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World Cyber Games Grand Final 2012 Opening Ceremony

RGN on 2012-11-29

At 11:00AM (GMT+08), the opening ceremony of WCG GF 2012 has begun with many exciting perfomances of the artists from Korea and host country, China, mixing between tradtional and modern. To warm up for the ceremony, a rock ban from Korea performed some exciting rock songs, to give a call for visitors and gamers pay attention to the stage to let the show begin. 


At the beginning of the show, the VIPs board, including the representatives of WCG Inc. and the government of Kunshan City, the venue of the event have been welcome to enjoy the show.


After a warmly welcome the VIPs and visitors who attend at WCG hall, the show began with some traditional perfomances from the host city, Kunshan. 


Then, the represetative of WCG Inc and government of Kunshan city gave speech on the stage. As Mr. Lee proundly stated, WCG has made a great step since its beginning from 2000, and become the biggest and longest gaming event in the world. After that, 5 VIPs were invited to the stage to take the honour of pressing the button, to claim the starting of WCG 2012!



After the booming celebration, as usually, the representative for each country participated the WCG 2012 came on the stage and waved their nation flag, in order to prove the friendship and union at WCG 2012 event.


Then, China national flag and WCG flag were saluted. 



The opening ceremony was closed by a sexy perfomance of a Korean singer, Chae Yeon.

You can watch the whole opening ceremony here.


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