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WCG China DOTA 2 Qualifiers Finals Recap

Nico on 2012-11-23

Two of the finest DOTA 2 teams in the world will represent China in the upcoming WCG on November 29 to December 2 this year. The event is going to be held in Kunshan, China KCEC Hall A and D.


The Chinese qualifiers finals was an intense series between Invictus Gaming and DK. Both teams was invited to compete in The International 2 and came up with a very convincing results. For DK, they did go until the final four, then IG eliminated them and became the champions of the tournament. This is a chance for redemption for Burning and the crew.


Game One

In the first game of the series, right ahead Burning showed his individual supremacy as he was farming insanely; addding to that was the bonus Gold and Exp, which was coming from the track kills that they has. On the other hand for iG, it was only YYF with his LifeStealer who was performing well as both Zhou and Ferrari wasn’t able to capitalize with their signature heroes Sven and Templar Assassin. As a result, DK drew first blood in this series.



Game Two

The next game of the series was really an epic one as DK was set to claim the qualifiers early in the game. All lanes were really on DK’s favor including a battle of the Trilanes on the top lane. Being the veteran team and The International 2 Champions,iG swtiched gameplay and right ahead focus with team plays and ganking. Mid game was really a turning point as iG showed how lethal they were in team fights and outworked DK to claim the second game of the series.



Game Three

On the determining match for the WCG china qualifiers grand finals, the connection of DK hasn’t been at its finest as the match was pause for quite some time. As the game progresses, iG was really determined to add another title on their waist as they capitalized with an early game aggression to prevent DK’s carries Life Stealer and Storm to have their grounds to compete. The demolition of iG was evident with the team kills 17-1 that make DK call GG in the 25 minute mark of the game.

As the champion of the qualifiers, iG will not only have the rights to represent China but will also have a paid trip in the tournament venue. As the host country, China will have 2 representatives in the WCG Grand Finals, given that DK’s trip isn’t paid like iG’s.

For more information on the WCG Grand Finals, make sure to stay tune with Rapture Gaming Network.


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