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GEST IDC: Pacific Emaxx claimed their 4th GEST crown of the year.

Nico on 2012-11-27

The November edition of GEST had already concluded and the winners have been awarded. For this edition, it was the resurging team from the Philippines Pacific Emaxx who won their 4th GEST title of the year.


We kicked things off on the second day as we saw 7 out of the 12 qualified teams for the playoffs came from the Philippines, but as the day progresses, the Pinoy teams gradually was reduce by being defeated by their counter parts.


First on the eliminated list was the veteran team Pacific.Palit where they were eliminated by Myanmar team G7. Aside from them, iZone Gigabyte also was eliminated in the first round by another Filipino team in Mineski.Powercolor.


Moving in the quarterfinal round, the major upset in the tournament happened when 1st.eSports from Thailand send the Filipinos powerhouse team of Dreamz to sleep. Rounding up the match ups, it was Pacific.Emaxx beating SVR ES of Cambodia and Mineski making 1st.eSports tap to advance to the finals.


The grand finals of the tournament were a best of three series that features exotic picks coming from both teams.


Game One:

In the first game we saw a common strategy coming out from both teams as they decided to have an unorthodox hero to run in their safe lanes, Skywrath for Mineski and Drow Ranger for Emaxx.

It turns out to be a blow out for Emaxx as their Main carry just punished the other team’s safe lane. Adding to that was the superb execution of Emaxx’s Dark Seer in each team fight. From there on, there was no looking back for Pacific.Emaxx as they grabbed the first victory of the series.


Game Two:

In the second game, Pacific.Emaxx was confident to have the same result when they sticked with their ace hero “Drow Ranger”. With her, they had the better supports and initiators in Earthshaker, Jakiro, Dragon Knight and the very reliable Magnataur. Though in the early stage of the game, we saw a better play and farming coming from Mineski. However, it was still too much DPS as Drow Ranger and Dragon Knight feasting on kills to get the victor coming from a sensational set of Magnataur. As a result Pacific.Emaxx sweep Mineski 2-0 to win the GEST November Edition.

This win counts as Pacific.Emaxx’s 4th GEST championship in a year. Will they be able to get fifth next season? Or will another team spoil it? The GEST IDC will take a month off because most of teams have to attent to the SMM in Malaysia. Stay tune with Rapture Gaming Network for the answer to this question.

Congratulations to Pacific.Emaxx for their 4th GEST Dota championship


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