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Pacific Invitational: TnC.Pag-ibig continues to dominate

Nico on 2012-11-26

The transition of the Philippine DotA to DOTA 2 took a huge step last November 21 as Pacific hosted the very first Philippine Dota2 All-Star Invitational. 8 worthy teams gained the invites to compete for the said event. Pagibig TnC., GANGSTER, FullTilt, Ambush, Mineski, MSIevoGT, Mafia, and UGZ.


All 8 teams have already proven their worth with different achievements in the DOTA 2 scene. Mineski, the representative of the Philippines last ACG. Pagibig TnC, which will be competing in the upcoming The Asia Dota2 tournament and other teams who won different tournaments on the national levels.


The Invitational is a single elimination tournament until the grand finals wherein the top 2 teams will fight each other in a best of three series. Early in the tournament, Big Names showed that they still have what it takes to win the tournament as Mineski, Pagibig TnC, MSIEvoGT, and FullTilt dismantle their first round opposition.


In the semi-final round, it was a clear domination coming from Mineski as they beat MSIEvoGt, and Pagibig TnC rolling over FullTilt. The Best-Of Three Grand finals were between the two top-tier teams featured really exotic and unique hero picks and team plays. 


Game One:

In the first game, Pagibig TnC surprised everyone when they picked Magnus as their off-laner. It was fun to watch how JessieVash from Pagibig played this hero as he was roaming and initiating early kills 3-0 as early as 2:30 in game. But being veteran instincts of Mineski, they were not allow to be dragged around, so they fought back winning multiple team fights in the Mid-Game. But the real story of the game was the new member of Pagibig TnC, “Yani”, when his Queen of Pain went berserk with every kills outworking the carriers from Mineski to claim the first game of the series.


Game Two:

With a high impact gaming that Magnus provided in the first game, Pagibig again picked him together with a unusual support in Nyx Assassin. This game was quite different from the first game as all heroes in the Pagibig side including their support Nyx was very far farmed compared to Mineski. As a consequence, even a single roaming, Nyx Assassin was punishing the squishy heroes of Mineski. Again, “Yani” with his Queen of Pain gained Godlike and continued roll as they force Mineski to call “GG” in the 34th minute mark of the game with a 44-12 kill advantage. 


The tournament was casted internationally by the famous “LD” from BeyondTheSummit. As the winners of the invitational, Pagibig TnC. won gears coming from “CM Storm”.



Congratulations to Pagibig TnC. for winning the Pacific All Stars invitational


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