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GEST DOTA 2 Extension: Malaysia vs. China

Huy on 2012-11-28

In the last November 15, the GEST DOTA 2, organized by DotA Talk, has conclued with the champion and 1st runner up all belonged to the Malaysian powerhouses Orange Esports and MuFC in rerespetively. Coming next is the extended edition of GEST DOTA 2, also organized by DotA Talk, will kick off in December 4 until December 6, including two represetatives from Malaysia and two different teams both coming from LGD are LGD Gaming China and their global version, LGD Gaming International

The tournament will proceed as Double Elimination and Bo3 format, except the finals are Bo5. The winning team from Winner Bracket will have advantage in one match. Especially, the cast reward US$1500 worth will only be taken home by the champion. 


Recently, Orange and MuFC have a good performance when both of them are the reprentative for Malaysia at DOTA 2 The Asia tournament in December, plus 2 champion titles from GosuCup Asia I and II for both teams. Meanwhile, LGD also represents China at The Asia, in addition to the champion titles at G-1 League in November 18, and defeated Orange Esports in the semi-finals of the said tournament. 

Don’t miss the extended GEST DOTA 2 casted by two famous shoutcaster of BeyondtheSummit, David ‘GoDz’ Parker và David ‘LD’ and Myzzrum from DotA Talk. 


Stay tuned on RGN for the latest update of DOTA 2 scene.

[Source: DotA Talk]


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