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Interview with SAJ.Violet before the Grand Finals coming!

June on 2012-10-02

Although he may not as stand out as "young talent" Archie or having the even-temper like Junie, but Ngo Manh Quyen “Violet” plays an indispensable role in the miraculous victory of Saigon Jokers against Singapore Sentinels in "Road to Legends”.

Let's have a chat with him and listen to his thoughts before going to prepare for the global finals in the U.S.

RGN: What is your feeling after winning the "Road to Legends" championship?

Violet: It is the greatest happiness ever in my gaming career. Our team will represent the South East Asia compete at the Global Final. This will be a tremendous chance, the biggest ever for the team to bring the national eSports to international stage.



RGN: How did your team practice before the tournament?

Violet: Before the tournament, we encountered some problems with transmission. We could not play in the SEA and Taiwan server because the fiber cable was cut-off. So we'd only be able to practice with local teams, especially with team Fantastic 5. We had trained with them everyday during the time before the “Road to Legends” began.


RGN: Is Fantastic 5 the “Blue” Saigon Jokers (Saigon Jokers Team 2)?

Violet: Yes, they are!


RGN: Did your team prepare any special tactic before the tournament?

Violet: The special tactics that our team prepared before the tournament is the tactic we used in the first match faced with Singapore, and this strategy was failed miserably. After that, we discussed again and Junie decided to use AoE tactics with the team covered around AD Carry Archie during the next games.


RGN: Is this an explanation for the quickly defeat with Singapore Sentinels in the first game?

Violet: We were outpicked that lead to a quickly loss.


RGN: There are rumor that your team has intended to lose that game to lower bracket to avoid other strong teams. How do you think?

Violet: We lost the game completely, not intended to lose like people thought. If we can win, we only needed to win 1 more game to go to the grand final, and we could get free win also, then there is no reason for us to deliberately lose to down to lower bracket.

In that case, our team would take risk with 2 teams from Malaysia and the Philippines. Moreover, the team also "get" 1 more free lose with Singapore in the finals too! We've lost due to bad strike plus the poor performance and tactical mistakes!


RGN: How do you evaluate your rival-Singapore Sentinels?

Violet: Singapore Sentinels is always a very strong opponent, having self-discipline and their professionalism is very high. Before this tournament, we'd never beat them in any major tournament.

Talking about our win, they may have somewhat subjective in Game 1, and that defeat became a big shock led to their mistakes in their Ban / Pick in Game 2. Singapore Sentinels let us be able to pick both Shen and Karthus. As a result, they had to pay for that mistake.


RGN: Besides 2 tough matches against Singapore Sentinels in the final, what were the most important matches for your team?

Violet: The most important match that leaded to victory was our second match in the tournament - compete against Malaysia. Before the match, team members' spirit was quite tragic, so the victory over Malaysia helped our team broke the wall and then gradually gained confidence as well as the highest level of each member.


RGN: Has the Lane-changing strategy been prepared and practiced before or only happen in the day of competition?

Violet: Lane-changing strategy has been practiced a lot, but just between bottom lane and top lane, it was our first time to change to mid lane. The goal is to put pressure on the opponent's mid lane as well as opponent's Jungler in early game, the most dangerous weapon of the Singapore team at the beginning. Fortunately, we were successful.


RGN: The Season 2 Grand Finals in the United States is just a few days. SAJ must have a very detailed training plan.

Violet: We've now started training again after recent miraculous winning. Next, we'll use other new strategies to prepare for the Season 2 Grand Finals in United States. Everyone please support us!


RGN: What is SAJ's goal in the Season 2 Grand Finals this time?

Violet: Our target is the championship, of course. Once you have set a target to strive, no one aims to be easily achieved. However, it is the highest goal; our team will try to play our best in every match. So hope everybody do not think that we promote ourselves too much!


Team SAJ has already landed in USA

RGN: Any shoutouts to Rapture Gaming Network fans?

Violet: I would like to thank everyone for your continuous support; we'll try harder to pay back your expectations in the upcoming Season 2. For those who have not played Lagu, please try once, you will get a whole new experience compared to MOBA games at the time!


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