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Interview with Leslie Cheong [Street Fighter]

Reuben Soh on 2012-09-27

Leslie Cheong, who goes just goes by only his first name in his eSports duels, is no easy exponent to topple. Numbering one of the established few who form the tight knitted band of professional fighting e-gamers here in Singapore, Leslie cuts a respected figure to those who are familiar with the local Super Street Fighter (SSF) Scene. Favoring the defensive game as opposed to the offensive approach, Leslie is also well known for his apt fireball play as Sagat which has won him many lofty rankings at local and international meets.


Recently clinching first prize at the SSF 2v2 tournament in Kuala Lumpur with teammate Tommy, Leslie has also claimed top 16 at SBO 2010 in Japan (with the addition of another teammate, Xian), as well as the top 32 at EVO 2011 in Vegas and Shadowloo 2012 in Melbourne. However there is little doubt to which was his most unforgettable event to date. “My most memorable moment in fighting game is getting 2nd place in Canada cup 2011 in Super Street Fighter IV AE,” recalls Leslie, “It is the 1st overseas tournament that I had gotten a top 3 placing.” 


 Currently serving his full time national service (NS), Leslie admits to getting an early start to his gaming career. “I started gaming when I was like nine years old—I just love to play games!” he relates, “My first fighting game is KOF and I find it really fun to play as it is very popular back in the days. I enjoyed playing fighting games because it is very exciting to watch and play a tournament. It can be much hyped especially when both players are down to their last pixel of health and trying to snatch a win!”


As part of the relatively small gaming community who trains at the popular ‘fight club’ known as Tough Cookie, Leslie has no qualms at the sizable community but is encouraged and enlivened at the fact that the group is always upbeat and welcoming, not forgetting supportive of their gamers whether they are playing inside or outside the country. “We are a very fun-loving group of members with passion for the games that we played. We are trying to become a more recognized at the international where some players in Singapore are already doing very well at major overseas tournament.”


With his practice time limited to only the weekends given his NS duties, Leslie is not currently finds himself not in the best position to prepare for any major tournaments but is quick to reassure his fans that he’ll be in action once the SSF E-Sports A league kicks off (which is set to begin right after the current B league season ends).


“I’d like to give big shoutout to Tough Cookie! It is a shop whereby all gamers gather to train and discuss strategy. Without tough cookie, there won’t be as many tournaments and I encouraged everyone to head down and see what the community [is like] or even play with the people there,” mentions Leslie affably.


Yet despite his good nature and lengthy accolade roll to his name, there is still one thing that bugs our SSF champion. “After being a professional gamer for so long, I'm still single!” laughs the jovial fighter, “So ladies what are you waiting for?!"


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