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Exclusive interview with the WCS SC2 champion: Revenant

Venetia Chong on 2012-09-04

Marcus ‘Revenant’ Tan has been creating lots of buzz in Singapore’s gaming scene with some calling him the one of the best Zerg in Singapore, especially after his recent win at the finals of the World Championship Series (WCS) Singapore—which took place on the 28th of July 2012. We were privileged to get an interview with the skilled gamer so if you would like to know what it takes to be as experienced as Marcus or, simply want to know more about him in general, I suggest you read on! 


Marcus opened up on his recent trip to Seoul, Korea, which he describes as an “eye-opener”. His trip to Seoul saw him living and training with the professional StarCraft team, Team Fnatic, at their training facility. He was also fortunate enough to meet Fnatic.Moon. ‘I feel very honored to be the first Singapore competitive gamer to be living in a professional Korean team house,” he shared.


The experience has given him a better mind-set and approach to competitive gaming. “Most importantly, it has helped me to improve my mechanics by heaps as being surrounded with top caliber players; you have the urge to want to be like them,” he said.


His training in Korea has also aid him in coming victorious in the WCS Finals. He credited his training in Korea for helping him to go one caliber above the rest in terms of raw mechanics and decision making, and helping him to go through WCS in a rather comfortable manner. “Also, the five-day boot-camp that Flash organized just catalyzed my improvement rate from Korea, and I was really thankful that we had time to set up such a boot-camp,” he added.


Marcus also revealed a fun fact about Flash.SC2's main team at the WCS Tournament. Marcus said: “There was a player that had one more performance-changing source of motivation, than the rest of the team. It was in the form of trying to impress a girl who, sadly, he was placed the lowest amongst the division. You won't take long to figure out who that player is.”


Flash e-Sports StarCraft team

When asked on his preparations for the Asian Continental Finals, Marcus shared that he has been focusing on other aspects of his life ever since WCS ended. “I’ve not started to prepare as much as I’d like to, but when it’s nearing I’ll be sure to put in the extra effort,” he said.


Marcus would like to give a shoutout to Flash e-Sports and its management, Cooler Master, CM Storm, Gunnars, Zepy Games, MAGES Institute, Colosseum, friends and supporters! For more information on the WCS Champion, head on down to his official Faceboook Fanpage.


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