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Interview with Mski-BenQ.Stellar from Mineski SC2

Ronnel on 2012-08-27

Last month, the StarCraft II World Championship Series Southeast Asia was held at Funan Digital Mall in Singapore, in conjunction with the WCS Singapore Nationals. Till the semi finals, it was a brawl between four of the greatest StarCraft players in Asia, Mski-BenQ.Stellar, Mski-BenQ.Jabito, MiTH.RedArchon and Duskbin.Cobo.


In the end, it was a battle between MiTH.RedArchon and Mineski Stellar. Stellar made his way on the Losers Bracket because he was defeated in the Upper Bracket earlier by RedArchon. Both competitors know it was now or never. After a tough series of matches, the Philippine pride stood out as he defeated RedArchon.


SCII WCS SEA Final Results

1.Mski-BenQ.Stellar ($1,000 + WCS Asia Finals Slot) 

2.MiTH-Trust.RedArchon ($500+WCS Asia Finals Slot) 

3.Mski-BenQ.Jabito ($300)

You can check out the all the vods here.



Today Rapture Gaming Network brings you a short interview with the WCG SEA champion, Caviar “Stellar” Acampado.


RGN: Can you tell us where the name Stellar came from?

Stellar: It just popped out of my head.


RGN: When did you start playing StarCraft?

Stellar: Since I was grade 6, about 7 years ago


Mski-BenQ.Stellar (second from the left) with Flash E-Sports


RGN: We all know that every second is counted in StarCraft. How do you feel when you are playing in a stage match with a lot of people watching you? Don’t you get distracted?

Stellar: I feel so nervous when I'm on stage match. But when the crowd starts cheering, it helps me play my game and lessen the pressure.


RGN: How was your match with Red Archon?

Stellar: It was tough, losing to him in Winners Bracket made me feel like it was almost impossible to win the tournament. But perhaps, because of so much luck, I managed to win it.


RGN: Do you think you can take home the championship in China?


Stellar: I don’t think so… But I will do my best and try to be in Top 16 at least.


RGN: What come in your mind when you were losing?

Stellar: My skills were not enough; I felt very sad ‘cause all of the time that I dedicated for practicing did’t pay off.


RGN: So you and Jabito are considered as the two best StarCraft II players in the Philippines. What can you say about him?

Stellar: Hi kuya Paolo. Jabito is a skilled and a fast learned gamer. He can adapt easily and his executions are good, but I think Jabito is still lacking of experience. I mean the games he played are not enough. If he can dedicate every single day by just playing StarCraft , I think he can surpass anyone.

I understand him on why he can't focus on SC2 or let's say to take the risk on dedicating all his time for SC2. Because of one simple reason I think that every gamer will agree. “Why would you risk your life to this game if what you are getting isn't worth the risk?" This principle also applies to me, and that's why I have started to lessen my practice time for now.


Mineski Stellar and Jabito (right)


RGN: Any message to those people who want to play StarCraft?

Stellar: Hi, cya on ladder.


RGN: Do you have any shoutout?

Stellar: First, I would like to thank God for all the blessings that he gave me, to my family and friends specially my 2 handsomes, Captain Mark Ryan Rapisura and Jose Paolo Javier for the advices that they gave me not only in-game but also in real life.


Expect more interviews and updates as we make our way in the World Championship Series Finals.


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