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MUFC Sharky released his official statement regarding his issues

Ronnel on 2012-08-29

MUFC’s captain released his official statement on Gosugamers regarding his passports issue and the team’s absence in this year’s the International. Now the team’s shot at the million dollars is gone. Their team was officially off the tournament and replaced by Mousesports.

Here is the official statement of Sharky.

Raymond 'Sharky' Wong

I would like to say sorry to my teammates, sponsors and also my fans who are always supporting me.

Because of my carelessness, it has caused my teammates to give up the opportunity to compete with The International teams on LAN, and the trainings and efforts that we had put in are now wasted. As a captain, I feel really regretful and guilty towards all of them but I really hope that they can forgive me in time and stand with me always.  

I saw a lot of comments from fans that care about my situation. I am currently in Hong Kong and waiting for everything to be settled on Monday. Thanks for your concern. 

I am really sorry for what was happened. I know I am responsible for it, and to all my fans, teammates and sponsors that worked for me all the time when the issue has happened, I am sorry. 

Thanks for everything.


Raymond "Sharky" Wong
Captain of MUFC DotA


Here is the official statement of their manager, Chen “Chenizace” Chinyi

Chen 'Chenizace' Chinyi

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to use stand-in to play and in this situation we couldn't get Sharky to depart to Seattle immediately. At this moment, we got no alternatives to play. I tried to my best to work out a solution for Sharky but the fastest date for him to arrive Seattle is Monday, which means he will be late for the tournament even though the problem is fixed.  

Sharky is very regretful and feels very sorry about what he did and we will host a team meeting about this. Everyone is dissapointed, including me. But I think the boys are feeling more frustrated than me, as their efforts and hard work that they put in is now wasted because of this silly mistake. No one wanted it to happen but when it did happen, the only thing we can do is just accept reality and make sure that the same mistake will not be repeated in the future.  

Our team accepted the decision made by Valve and we believe that the organizers are very professional and The International is definitely one of the best tournaments in the eSports history. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to play and we hope to join it in the future.  

I worked pretty hard to get this solved but it didn't work out in the end, so sorry to all the fans. I read all the comments on the internet as well and thanks for everything. We will be better in the future after this. 

I would like to apologize to all the fans that are supporting us, our sponsors that put a lot of effort and gave us financial support and gaming equipment (eClub and TteSPORTS) and also The International team that assisted us through this time. 

Our team will be better. I hope you guys don't stop supporting us. Every team has its ups and downs, and we will overcome it.

Best Regards,

Chen "Chenizace" Chinyi
General Manager
MUFC eSports


Now the team promises to be back on track and be stronger. Stay tune as we bring you more update in the biggest DotA 2 tournament of the year, The International.


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