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Invictus Gaming dominated ACE DotA Tournament after The International

Ronnel on 2012-09-17

The unstoppable Invitus Gaming has managed to win another major tournament which was the ACE DotA Tournament. It is still fresh in DOTA fans’ minds how iG won The International. Now the team continues to dominate in the DotA competitive scene.


iG defeated Dt^Club in the semi-finals with the score 2-0. In the grand finals, the team met LGD, and iG didn’t take risk on their shot for the title and totally dominated over LGD in a 2-0 series. Now the team is totally on a killing spree.

The playing style of Invictus gaming was quite impressive as they were able to balance their skills as they play 2 different games. As you can see, the heroes of iG in the recent The International are quite aggressive. You can definitely see the difference in the heroes iG has been using in DotA 1 and DotA 2.

Final Standing

1. Invictus Gaming - $31,600
2. LGD - $7,900
3. TongFu - $4,700 & DT^Club - $4,700


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