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Na`vi with DotA2 female team

Vykly on 2013-06-12

Na`vi with DotA2 female team 



Today UKRAINENatus Vincere announced their new DotA2 female team with 5 pretty ladies.


Team roster

  • Anastasia "PerfectVoid" Dmitrenko (captain);
  • Masha "Inverno" Gunina;
  • Sonya "Sofi" Romanova; 
  • Maria "MooNka" Malahovskaya;
  • Ksenya "Leayh" Bazanova;


  • Yulia "Kiska" Zaenchkovskaya (manager)


Statement from the team captain:

We're really excited about the opportunity to work together with such a renowned organization such as Natus Vincere. I'm sure that this union will give a substantial boost to the female eSports development around the globe. Our team will do their best to represent Natus Vincere with honor and dignity.

Source: Natus Vincere


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  1. gravatar

    really navi got chicks teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great

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