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Duskbin rises back in Dota 2

Warturtle on 2013-06-09

Duskbin rises back in Dota 2



From left to right : Jian Shen "Dy-" Chong , Jason "Jny-" Siew , Shi Yuan " Shiyuan" Soh, Kelvin "MtR-" Chong, Jun Wei  "BoyZ" Gan, Kok Chun "MissyZ" Wong


A few days ago Duskbin had announced their return to the competitive scene of Dota 2 with the arrival of their all new Malaysian roster. 


The new roster for Duskbin will consist of 6 players the 6th player will be a subsitute. Reforming their managements and changing their focus Duskbin has come up with a all new Malaysian roster.With this new roster Duskbin aims to reach the top and also maximize their participation in various tournaments held for Dota 2. Also their first overseas tournamnet with this new roster will be E2MAX qualifiers which will be held in Singapore. Duskbin's new roster will be training at their training house located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The team will be training at their training house during the weekends while during the weekdays they will be training online due to personal commitments. While picking up the new Dota 2 squad Duskbin gave the following statement:

After observing through local tournaments and showmatches we recognized that they have the talent, the dedication, and the correct attitude for what it takes to reach the top.


MALAYSIADuskbin.Jny (C)



MALAYSIA Duskbin.Mtr

MALAYSIA Duskbin.Dynasty

MALAYSIADuskbin.Shiyuan (S)



Source: Duskbin Website


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