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G-1 League Western Qualifiers:Natus Vincere bounces back after losing Game 1

Hamodi on 2013-04-24

Na`Vi bounces back after losing Game 1




Natus Vinere was able to bounce back and defeat Dignitas 2-1 after being outplayed in Game 1 to advance into Round 3 where they will face Alliance.



It was quite even in the early part of the game as both teams were trying to get decent farm and experience. Ogre Magi opted to leave the tri-lane and harass Enigma who was farming in the Dire jungle which forced Enigma to leave and farm in the Radiant jungle but left Ogre Magi without getting any experience.


Around the 3 minute mark, UKRAINENa`Vi was able to catch Rubick in the Radiant jungle just after Ogre Magi rotated back to the bottom lane. However, it was just a farm fest for both teams after that where USADignitas got the best of it as they were able to farm their team-fight oriented items of Mekansm and Drums of Endurance to compliment their huge AoE spells.


After 14 minutes, USADignitas decided to push the top lane where they were able to kill three heroes and take down the tier-1 tower as well.


At the 20 minute mark, USADignitas was able to pickoff Gyrocopter and Lina near the top tier-2 tower and took down the tower as well at the cost of Enigma.


USADignitas slowly built up on their lead as the game progressed as their hard carries were getting fatter while UKRAINENa`Vi was basically trapped in their base which slowed down the farm of Gyrocopter and Lone Druid, two heroes who relied heavily on items.


USADignitas decided to play it smart, showing up in the middle lane to slowly chip away at the life of the tier-3 tower which forced UKRAINENa`Vi to regroup in their base which meant that they had no chance to farm. USADignitas would then just back off to continue farming. UKRAINENa`Vi tried to break the deadlock and quickly smoked up and ran into their jungle to get a little bit of farm and even managed to take down the top tier-1 tower.


At the 31 minute mark, USADignitas smoked up and caught UKRAINENa`Vi in the bottom lane where they were able to pickoff Lone Druid and Lina. They later pushed the middle lane and easily destroyed the tier-3 tower and melee barracks. 



A few minutes later, UKRAINENa`Vi tried to take down Roshan but USADignitas showed up near the Roshan pit which forced UKRAINENa`Vi to back off and gave Dignitas the opening to quickly kill Roshan and secure the Aegis of the Immortal. UKRAINENa`Vi decided to engage in a desperate attempt but it led to their deaths and later lost the bottom barracks as well leaving USADignitas a clear path to finish the game off after 36 minutes.



In the first minute of Game 2, UKRAINENa`Vi was able to get first blood in the middle lane with Keeper of the Light and Rubick catching Storm Spirit by surprise. While that was happening, USADignitas tried to pickoff Clinkz in the bottom lane and had to dive into the tier-1 tower but could not kill him and instead lost a huge chunk of life which forced them to use their consumables. UKRAINENa`Vi was just dominating all three lanes where they were just getting the farm and experience they needed.


At the 9 minute mark, a huge team-fight occurred in the middle lane between the tier-2 and tier-3 tower which saw UKRAINENa`Vi get two kills and their second tower of the game in exchange for 1 hero death.



At the 13 minute mark, USADignitas was able to take down their first tower down of the game by destroying the bottom tier-1 tower but at the cost of their two support heroes. UKRAINENa`Vi later took down all of USADignitas' outer towers after destroying the bottom tier-2 tower. UKRAINENa'Vi then secured the Aegis of the Immortal and decided to push the middle lane, where they were able to pickoff Shadow Shaman and Lifestealer which forced the "GG" call from USADignitas after just 16 minutes into the game.



In the laning stage, UKRAINENa`Vi went for an obvious laning strategy whereas USADignitas went for an unusual one, with Clockwerk and Queen of Pain in the bottom lane facing the tri-lane of UKRAINENa`Vi.


At the 7 minute mark, UKRAINENa`Vi made their move as their support heroes decided to gank the middle lane where they were able to get first blood on Tiny.


At the 11 minute mark, UKRAINENa`Vi was able to destroy the bottom tier-1 tower and pickoff Queen of Pain along with it. Wisp and Tiny decided to teleport in and were able to kill Magnus but at the cost of Wisp's life.


As the game progressed, UKRAINENa`Vi was slowly taking control of the game, taking down towers and getting kills all over the map although USADignitas was able to get a few kills for themselves.



At the 25 minute mark, UKRAINENa`Vi won a huge team-fight in the middle lane near the tier-2 tower where they were able to kill four USADignitas heroes without losing any with Treant Protector the only one left alive to hold the middle lane until his teammates revived. They then tried to defend it but unfortunately UKRAINENa`Vi just took them apart which led to them losing the middle barracks. UKRAINENa'Vi then pushed the bottom lane after securing the Aegis of the Immortal where they basically got a free barracks after USA Dignitas decided not to defend it. After that, UKRAINENa`Vi retreated and USADignitas tried to catch their retreating heroes with Tiny and Wisp teleporting on Lifestealer but unfortunately they could not kill him while the rest of UKRAINENa`Vi went back into the fray and killed a few more heroes that finally forced out the "GG" call from USADignitas 31 minutes into the game.


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