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The AMD2PL – Main Event concludes the day with 14 teams remaining

Hamodi on 2013-05-06

The AMD2PL – Main Event concludes the day with 14 teams remaining




It was a day full of action packed matches and the great thing about it is, things are just starting to heat up. As the day ended, six teams have emerged victorious while six were sent packing.





SINGAPORESun's decision to contest VIET NAMGameWare's tri-lane paid off as they were able to shutdown Gyrocopter's farm who unfortunately for VIET NAMGameWare, was their only reliable right-click damage. And with Nature's Prophet's global ability, they easily took control of the early game with constant aggression on all the lanes that made it hard for VIET NAMGameWare to get into their rhythm and eventually, SINGAPORESun's Dominance continued throughout the game and VIET NAMGameWare could no longer recover.


(VOD - Vietnamese)







It was a exciting affair throughout the game as both teams were constantly exchanging kills and getting items on their hard carries. But there was one hero who stood out of the game and it was Magnus, where he kept PHILIPPINESTnC Gaming in the game as soon as he started roaming around and set up great pickoffs for his team.

During the late game, Magnus's great plays was the crucial point with quick skewer pickoffs that made it a 4v5 engagement and team fight winning Reverse Polarity where he would get the core heroes of THAILANDTMY, notably the heavily farmed Alchemist who was just being disabled and could not get the opening to do damage.


(VOD - Vietnamese)



CHINARisingStars vs. SINGAPOREArmaggeddon.First Departure



With SINGAPOREArmgd.FD's lineup, they were supposed to be the aggressors and take down towers early but that was not the case during the game, as CHINARstars, lead by Clockwerk and Night Stalker, were the ones being aggressive and pressuring the lanes that resulted to SINGAPOREArmgd.FD's slow item progression.

During the course of the game, SINGAPOREArmgd.FD's split-pushing kept them into the game but that was basically the only thing they could do as they could no longer face CHINARstars head-on which eventually lead to their defeat.


(VOD - Vietnamese)



Other Results:

MALAYSIAInvasion.Gigabyte >. MALAYSIAMalayAllStar




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