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What next for Zarate?

The fifth official on 2013-06-23

What next for Zarate?


On Monday, the Flash organization released Zarate with immediate effect, citing his disciplinary issues as the main motivating factor.


Zarate returned to Flash for a second spell in late-March, and immediately represented the team at the FUT Asia All-stars tournament at Avalon where he lost in the semi-finals.


Joseph has never had a good work ethic, but he's made up for that with exceptional talent. Talent however can only get you so far. There's a difference between good and great. A player can only be great with consistent practice. At the FUT Allstars, Joseph's lack of practice was evident, as he was swept aside by Australia in the semi-final. Yes the final score line read 1-0, but it could so easily have been three or four nil.


That defeat didn't spur Joseph to work harder. In fact, it seemed to demoralize him to the extent that he skipped practice altogether. In the months since, he has also developed a severe Dota addiction - taking even more of his hours away from FIFA.



Better days: The all-conquering 2012 Flash FIFA Squad



Gifted players get away with poor attitudes to some extent. Mario Balotelli is one example. His club gave in, gave in, gave in, but finally snapped and cut him loose. The Flash organization similarly tolerated Joseph's refusal to practice for months, and decided on Monday that enough was enough.


FIFA has become an incredibly dynamic game in recent years; players have so many aspects of the game they have to master. Defending now requires very high APM and attacking involves a combination of passing, dribbling, and skill moves. Joseph understands football well and has decent basics, but he is nowhere near being the finished article.



Zarate at WCG Singapore 2012


Zarate is the master of his own fate – he has unbelievable potential. This 20 year old can choose to start practicing and become one of the best players in the world, or he can choose to stay lazy and let his talent go to waste - I hope for his sake that he makes the right decision.


What do you think of Zarate's departure from Flash Esports? Good move bad move? Do let us know in the comments section below! 


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