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RGN League - RisingStars Invited

ihuskarl on 2013-05-06

RGN League - RisingStars Invited


The 7th invited team to be announced is CHINARisingStars from China. This is an up and coming team that will also feature in The International 3 Eastern Qualifiers. 


You can watch all RGN League CHINARisingStars matches LIVE in action on twitch or DotaTV from next month.



CHINARisingStars line up

  • CHINARong "Mofi" Yao
  • CHINAYuxiao "Air" Yin
  • CHINAPeng "Super" Su
  • CHINASilong "XDD" Liu
  • CHINAWang "Xiaotuji" Zhang


The RGN League Dota 2 Elite division season 2013/2014 will see each Elite team play about 20 games only the entire season and a guranteed prize pot of minimum of SGD500 - SGD$10,000. An average of SGD25 - SGD$500 per game that is played.


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