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Curse DOTA 2 Invitational: Na'vi & Liquid in the Upper Bracket Finals

Michael on 2013-05-06

Curse DOTA 2 Invitational: Na'vi & Liquid in the Upper Bracket Finals



The first 2 upper bracket rounds of the Curse DOTA 2 invitational is over and we now can have a closer gauge of the 3 teams that will be sharing the USD$10,000 prize pot.


There wasn't many surprises in the tournament so far except that USAEvil Geniuses (a TI3 qualifier team) defeating USADignitas (a TI3 invited team) 2-0 in the first upper bracket round. Here are the results thus far:


Upper Bracket Round 1:

USALiquid 2 > 0 RUSSIAEmpire

GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports 2 > 1 RUSSIARoX.KIS

UKRAINENa'Vi 2 > 0 Qpad Red Pandas

USAEvil Geniuses 2 > 0 USADignitas


Upper Bracket Round 2:

USALiquid 2 > 1 GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports

UKRAINENa'Vi 2 > 0 USAEvil Geniuses


Thus, both USALiquid & UKRAINENa'Vi both have a guaranteed share of the prize pot by at least securing a top 3 position in this tournament. It is also interesting to note that this could be a revenge match for UKRAINENa'Vi as USALiquid were the ones who eliminated UKRAINENa'Vi in the G1-League Western qualifiers.

Source: Curse


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