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Kaipi emerges victorious in EIZO Cup #3!

Michael on 2013-05-06

Kaipi emerges victorious in EIZO Cup #3!



Kaipi, one of the invited teams for the Eizo Cup #3, emerged victorious with a convincing 2-0 win against Absolute Legends in grand finals. They walk away with $1,250 euros in cash prize.  Absolute Legends took home a consolation prize of $500 euros.


Kaipi was heavily predicted to be invited to The International 3 Western qualifiers but failed to make it into the list of eight teams. Instead of being disappointed, they had a strong showing in the Eizo Cup #3 to prove to the world that they could be one of Europe's finest.


Kaipi's run in the tournament:

Round of 16 - Kaipi 2 > 0 We Lost

Quarter Finals - Kaipi 2 > 1 Netolic.SA

Semi-Finals - Kaipi 2 > 0 NEXT.Kz

Finals - Kaipi 2 > 0 Absolute Legends

Source: Eizo


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