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The Finals to Rule Them All: ELC Recap

Reuben Soh on 2013-07-09

The Finals to Rule Them All: ELC Recap



Sweltering wasn’t quite the term but the contest was certainly heating up. After numerous rounds of qualifiers here and aboard, the mighty 16 gathered at the lofty level nine of Orchard Cineleisure to challenge for the competition’s ultimate prize of SGD10,000. Albeit the minor annoyance of an air-conditioning unit that refused to start earlier in the day, the event began promptly before noon where first blood was spilled, and some of which by those of whom we were not expecting to.


Three games in and the first big name took a tumble. Despite leading in kills, Invasion.MUFC succumbed to massive split-pushing pressure dealt on them by their slightly less illustrious Singaporean counterparts Ipod2. Despite holding a Divine Rapier, Gyrocopter and gang never thought of barrelling down the middle until it was too late. By then Ipod2’s Furion and Naix had already stripped the Dire’s abode down to bare bricks and stones, thus the first upset ensued.



It was however, business as usual elsewhere with Zenith, finalist of the qualifiers from the day before, taking out lowyat dota 2, Mineski, other firm favourite, trumping Insidious Idol, Indonesian outfit Joenet beating out Netolic.SG, while MitH overcame Duskbin, iSG.Vindicate over Lowyat, First Departure over Ultimate and Malaysian behemoths, Orange, over MyonMyon.


The E2Max arena began to fill after lunch with fans beginning to stream in droves. Perhaps fate would have it but spectators and fans alike did not have to wait long before two of the tournament’s titans had to log horns. Singapore’s team of the moment Team Zenith, were pitted against Filipino power house Team Mineski in the round of eight, drawing roars of approval from the crowd. But despite the parity in quality, Zenith never looked in trouble. Ousting Mineski with majority of their tier 3 structures intact, the popular home boys secured their stay for the semi-final playoffs.



In other games proceedings were less civil as massacres were in full force. Making fools of First Departure was Orange who stormed into a 16-3 lead as Dire. Unable to conjure a miracle, Meracle and friends bowed out 27-6 in what was one of the quicker matches played that afternoon.  


Advancing into the semi-finals with aforementioned teams were MitH-Trust and Joenet, who unceremoniously dumped out party poopers Ipod2 from the competition.


Taking their fine form into the last four, Zenith ripped apart Joenet in massacre #2. Bashing the helpless five 17-3 inside 16 minutes and taking them out in impeccable fashion 27-4. In the semi final that was streamed live the world over, MitH ran out to meet their opponents Orange in fairly standard fashion. Orange however opted for a slightly unfamiliar ensemble of heroes; Naix, Chen, PA, Nyx Assassin, and Dark Seer, to the marginal amazement of onlookers. But that was not to change the script as Orange delivered massacre #3, laying waste to a disorganised MitH, forcing their Thai opposition to call gg at 19 minutes—final score 24-6 to the good.



And so it was, with the BO1 rounds out of the way, the finals was all that was left in the hunt for the SGD10,000 pay cheque. The definitive encounter, a BO3 series, saw a fighting fit Zenith take on Malaysian maestros Orange. If you were expecting a twist in the narrative the first game would have left you a little disappointed. Amazing the day before and amazing on Sunday yet again, Zenith, capitalising on a multitude of Orange misadventures at taking out iceiceice, made the team from Malaysia look out of sorts, forcing the white flag at 26 minutes.  



Game two saw more of the same with Zenith target firing Mushi for the first two kills of the game. Able to somewhat regain their footing over the next 10 minutes with two good pick offs Orange ran a flat tire again after failing to build any momentum going forward. Rising to the occasion however was Obsidian Destroyer who ran the show and secured SGD10,000 for Team Zenith as well as USD250 worth of steam credits.



Riding the wave of success going into TI3, Zenith will no doubt be buoyed by this victory here at ELC. Not to be disheartened though will be Team Orange and fellow semi-finalists MitH, who put on a valiant displays to take second and third place respectively at this extensive summer contest.



Ladies and gents, here are your winners!



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