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Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup: 8 teams remain standing

Hamodi on 2013-07-14

Neolution Open: 8 teams remain standing



Round 3 has ended and out of the 63 teams we are now down to our top 8, among those are the fan favorites 1st.VN|Gigabyte who took down Ace Gaming and AMGD.Awake who just surpassed Neolution.G7.


Match from round 3:

LOLOLOL vs XPLICIT Renaissance


This was basically a one sided game as EXPLICIT took advantage of LOLOLOL's weak early game lineup, owning them in the lanes that forced their supports to leave Anti-Mage alone and over commit on ganking that really hurt them a lot, they could not get the neccessary experience that they needed to have access to their ultimates and be effective. The kill score started off with a 10-0 kill in favor of XPLICIT before LOLOLOL managed to get their first kill. The game quickly went of control as LOLOLOL could could not fight XPLICIT head-on with their supports being too underlevelled which made them and easy target during team fights.XPLICIT ended the game in 26 minutes with a total of 51 kills against LOLOLOL's 11.


Other results:

Ace Gaming < 1st.VN:|Gigabyte 

Synergy < ReadyToStrike 

AMGD.Awake > Neolution.G7

Xtreme e-sport Gaming > I LUV TO FEED

Insidious Idol > Monster Incorporated

paocai > Mampos > Thanh Nien Uu Tu


Next Matches (Round 4):


For more information, just visit the Neolution Open site for the brackets, streams and others:




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