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Blackberry sponsors Virtus.Pro

Avarice on 2013-06-21

In a pleasing turn of events, smartphone company Blackberry has just announced a partnership with Virtus.Pro.


Virtus.Pro's website have just released the information regarding their partnership with Blackberry, which comes on the back of Dreamhack Summer 2013's fast approach. The Russian e-sports company had a lot of good things to say, with their representatives noting that it its "nice to know that a big company like this is interested in e-sports", and that the Blackberry brand is "always in demand in Russia".

On the flipside, representatives from Blackberry cite that they have "proven themselves in the market, and gained a high rating from Russian customers", and quoting that their mechanical keyboards and access to several social networks will be an asset of much use to Virtus.Pro.

For the full announcement, visit Virtus.Pro's website, linked below.



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