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Neolution DOTA 2 Open Cup: AMGD.Awake final team to advance into round 5

Hamodi on 2013-07-14

Neolution Open: AMGD.Awake final team to advance into round 5



It was a great way to end round 4 as AMGD.Awake was able to make a huge comeback against XPLICIT.Renaissance, with Nature's Prophet being the MVP of the game. His constant split-push and successfully taking down the top barracks basically kept them into the game and made it easier for them to end the game after holding XPLICIT's final seige in the middle lane. 1st.VN|Gigabyte, paocai and Insidious Idol also managed to advance after their defeating opponents ReadyToStrike, and Xtreme e-sport gaming.


Match from round 4:

AMGD.Awake vs XPLICIT Renaissance


It was an action packed game right off the bat with both teams' constant aggression, getting kills after kills all over the map. After a few minutes, XPLICIT's great team play got the best of Awake as they were able to win most of the team fights with Naga Siren setting things up offensively and defensively using her sleep and she definitely was the deciding factor during team fights and gave them a huge lead through the game.

As the game progressed, Awake slowly got back with Nature's Prophet's continuous split push that forced XPLICIT to teleport back that gave his team mates a little bit or breathing room to farm.  It was a seesaw game at the end with both teams getting opportunites to end the game but the opposing team was able to impressively defend their base. But XPLICIT's over aggression cost them the game Awake was able to win a huge team fight after XPLICIT's final seige in the middle lane that resulted to a mega-creeps and eventually the game.


Other Results: < paocai

Insidious Idol > Xtreme e-sport Gaming

ReadyToStrike < 1st.VN|Gigabyte


Next matches ( Round 5 )

For more information, just visit the Neolution Open site for the brackets, streams and others:




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  1. gravatar

    shit!! pc problem we cant continue to play and got DQ...maybe next month!! bad luck

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