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Interview with MitH.LaKelz - "Timing is everything"

Vykly on 2013-06-11

Interview with MitH.LaKelz - "Timing is everything"


Rapture Gaming Network had the opportunity to interview  THAILAND"LaKelz" from THAILANDMiTH.Trust . In this interview, he talks about THAILANDMitH's upcoming competitions and the current scene in general.



Hi everyone, we have waited for a long time and finally the chance is here to have an exclusive interview with THAILANDLakelz. From THAILANDMiTH.Trust, the best carry player in Thailand  (and possibly the top 10 in the world?)

    RGN: Hi, LaKelz

   LK: Hi RGN and everyone ^_^

    RGN: Please introduce yourself!!

   LK: Hi!! I am Best, you can call me THAILANDLaKelz or THAILANDLK, I’m a DotA2

   player of THAILANDMiTH.TrusT and I play the carry role.

    RGN: I think that most of the people probably 

   know you by now. What are your upcoming competitions?

   LK: We have the RGN league & E2Max L33T Championship and we

  are going to Singapore for the LAN grand finals this July.

RGN: Have you been playing other games?

LK: Yes, I have. That’s Chaos Online, I’m working for this game but always focusing on Dota2 most of the time.

RGN: How long have you been playing DotA with MiTH.Trust ?

LK: I've been playing DotA with them for 6 years; very long time ><

RGN: What is your main reason to play MOBA games and in particular, DotA2?

LK: Other than playing DotA, I've also played many other games but I like MOBA the most because it doesn’t have the 'refill system' to make your character stronger and you can show your performance in MOBA.

RGN: How would you rate yourself upon 10? Also, what is your strongest point and what things do you need to improve?

LK: 8.5 LOL, Thats because I know when to find gold and when I should push the tower. However I need to improve on my teamwork. I must control my temper because I’m always blaming my teammates which discourages them.

RGN: Since DOTA2 had a new patch they have made changes such as hero balances and a new drafting system. Would it have any effects on your game plans?

LK: I think that it effects our drafting plans greatly because of the new drafting system. The 3 ban phase is so difficult to get a surprise carry hero.

RGN: LK, what principle do you follow when you're playing? It seems like you are the hope in team.

LK: My principle is “Timing is everything” from the movie “The A Team”.

RGN: What does is mean?

LK: It means that it does not matter whether you're in the game or in real life; allocation of time is always important. When I need to do something, I’m always racing against time. If you have a plan before doing anything, I'm sure that it will be successful.

RGN: Have you ever planned when you would stop playing DOTA2? Perhaps when you're old and unable to click a mouse?

LK: Maybe LOL!!  I think when I can’t play DOTA2, I want to stay in the MOBA scene or do something for e-sports. Maybe I will be a coach or a DOTA2 caster LOL.



RGN: If the Thai casters know they will surely worry about that LOL. Okay, what happens if you swap positions with THAILANDr5r5?

LK: I think our fans will see Antimage purchase wards and Crystal Maiden getting BKB and Blink Dagger LOL.

RGN: Other than playing, what else to do you?

LK: I'm currently working for PlayCyberGames managing Chaos Online game content.

RGN: How do you allocate time to concurrently work and play DOTA 2?

LK: That’s easy; when I have work the following day, I will just sleep earlier. After work is my practice and playing time.

RGN: Other than playing games, do you have any other hobbies?

LK: Sure!! Movie, music, chatting on facebook, bla bla bla…

RGN: And how about your love life? We have a gossip about you and THAILANDMunkaew that made some support player and caster get jealous LOL.

LK: Umm, I think its so hard, LOL because THAILANDMunkaew is so popular and I thing she isn't interested in me LOL.

RGN: Do you have any criterias to choose your girlfriend? Say... she must be a gamer?

LK: Yes. I like girls who play games, because I’m an e-sport player and she must understand what am I doing.

RGN: Last one, do you have anything to shoutout to your fans?

LK: First at all, thank you very much to my fans who’s always supporting me for 6 years. I have to apologize that I can’t get past the qualifier to TI3. However I will get more practice and make it better the next year and I promise that when my dream comes true the first thing I will think of… IS YOU!!

RGN: I believe your fans would accept your apologies and no one would blame you.. Thank you for giving RGN a chance to have an interview with you. Good luck THAILANDLaKelz.

LK: Thank you, you’re welcome.


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