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FaceIT CSGO USD$1,500 tournament on 30th May

Michael on 2013-05-06

FaceIT CSGO USD$1,500 tournament on 30th May 



FACEIT, an advanced gaming tournament platform based in Europe announced their May version of the CSGO tournament with a USD$1,500 total prize pool.


A total of 16 teams will compete in the main online event on 30th May: 8 invited teams and 8 through qualifiers. Presently, they have annouced that UKRAINENa'Vi & RUSSIAVirtus Pro are the first 2 teams being invited. There will be 4 qualifiers and the top 2 teams will qualify for the main event. In addtion, the qualifier's winner will win USD$100 and will be allowed to participate in all of the cups regardless of their qualification status.


Statement by FACEIT:

"Since the launch we have gathered a lot of feedback from top players, teams and community figure heads. We noticed that it was hard to put on a show for spectators every Saturday due to conflicting major LAN events. On the other hand, we did provide a great platform for the semi-professional teams to play in for fun and glory."

Source: FaceIT


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