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Chaos Online: Everyone can be a Hero!

Nic on 2013-04-25

Chaos Online: Everyone can be a Hero!



Asiasoft Online's newest free-to-play game, Chaos Online, will be officially opening up its servers in South East Asia on 28 May 2013!  Dubbed the "Korean DotA" (Defence of the Ancients) by some, Chaos Online was developed by Neoact, who first broke into the scene with DotA Chaos, one of the most popular DotA maps in South Korea.


Character Artwork – Agnes


Chaos Online Heroes are divided into two factions: Divine Union (the light faction) and Immortal Legion (dark faction). There are no repeating heroes from either faction, but a handful of the character designs and skill animations will be familiar for DotA players.

In-game Quest – During gameplay you can earn extra coins to purchase items.


Camps are located at the top left and bottom right, with the overall map being much bigger. There are two portals to ease travel at the top and bottom lanes, but each hero is limited to using it twice only in a game.


Item Purchase – You can purchase items anywhere during gameplay. No need to go back to base.


There are wild mobs around the map, but no boss or elite characters such as Roshan or Baron. Their counterparts can be found instead in faction Guardians, a dragon for the Dark and phoenix for the Light. They roam around in their respective camps and attack any invaders on sight.



The tower placement is slightly different as well for the ones nearer to each camp but one of the towers right before the camp entrances are changed into mini-Guardians, with even more towers guarding the final stronghold.


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