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$6,500 Chaos Online Tournament in Singapore

RGN on 2013-06-12

$6,500 Chaos Online Tournament in Singapore



Registration is now open for the Chaos Online tournament in Singapore to be held at Colosseum from the 21st - 22nd June 2013.

1) Any team can register to play in this single elimination tournament
2) Winner of the day will proceed to day 2 to play against the top 3 invited teams which are SINGAPOREiSG lol team, SINGAPOREFirst Departure DOTA team and SINGAPOREImpunity HON team.

Registration Link:

Cash Prizes:
Champion: SGD$3000
2nd Place: SGD$2000
3rd Place: SGD$1000
4th Place: SGD$500

Source: Chaos Online FB


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