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Invictus Gaming first team to be invited to the Dota 2, The International 3

Nic on 2013-04-23

Invictus Gaming first team to be invited in Dota 2, The International 3



Valve has finally started sending out the invites for Dota 2, The International 3. The first team invitation is to the defending champions, CHINAInvictus Gaming.

This picture was posted in Chuan’s facebook account with the whole holding their Invitation card to the International. CHINAiG will be looking to defend their title against many aspiring teams in both Asian and Western Scene.

Team Lineup:

CHINAChen "Zhou" Yao (Captain)
CHINALuo "430" Feichi
CHINAJiang "YYF" Cen
MALAYSIAWong "ChuaN" Hock Chuan
CHINAZeng "Faith" Hongda

Source: Chuan FB


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